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  1. Gee that's a question that has many answers. Depends on the size of your tank,, do you have plants,, what lights do you have? This is only my opinion but I like to give my fish consistency, my multi tank they are on for approx 7 1/2 hours. The community tank lights with lots of plants are on for 9 hours. Lights are on timers and they are LED.
  2. It looks like your doing well with your tank. Everyone always wants to stock the tank as soon as possible, but bear in mind in takes a few months for the tank to "settle" properly. Putting to much in to soon will lead to problems, especially when your adding corals. I have had marines for over 20 years and sadly I have reduced to only 1 marine tank mostly because prices have skyrocketed and also salt leeching is a big problem if you don't keep on top of it. I have had 1 wall replaced that was badly damaged by salt and when the last marine is finished that wall will have to be replaced also. My few fish that are left are truly "pensioners",, my yellow tang is over 20 years at least. I got it when Holland Park shop was operated many years ago. The female clown died 'recently so only the male now , and he came from Aquariums in Paradise" when Barry and Laurie were operating at the gold coast. I wish you success and hope you do really well,,, but do it slowly,,, take care.
  3. Is it a fairly new tank? I had this a few years ago when I bought a tank from a fellow who made his own tanks. I found out months later, he wasn't using the right silicon for tanks and it was leaching into the water. It became a big deal at the time and the silicon company came out to check it out and after doing tests admitted it was the silicon and compensated me for the tank and the loss of fish. Since that time I have been very selective where I buy my tanks. I am not suggesting that this is your problem but people should be aware of who and where they buy there tanks. Hope you solve your problem.
  4. Many thanks to guys at Tech Den yesterday for helping with fluval problem. I really appreciate the fact they are always happy to assist with problems.
  5. I have had multi's for a long time. I never feed pellets of any kind. I feed Fluval cichlid flakes which I crush in my fingers as I feed. When the female is ready to breed she will go a darker colour, you can't miss it. I have a eheim internal filter but don't have it full flow, the odd small fry get it the filter but I can see it so let it out. Be patient,, they will breed when there ready.
  6. John,,,, it was definitely a font issue as the site is now perfect for me. Everything shows up, all he words, images etc. Thanks for persevering and getting this rectified, happy I can now visit your site without problems.
  7. The old site viewed perfectly and I havn't changed anything. The 1 thing I found was sites can display oddly if the size of the font is changed but mine is on default so it's not that. Really has me stumped but guess it's a good reason to come to the shop in person,, lol.
  8. The site does not display correctly for me. Many letters are missing, have tried in Chrome and Firefox but it is the same.
  9. The best most helpful customer service I have come across in a long time. Thanks to John for replacing the T8 tube in my Juwel 60 tank with a LED. Now I don't have to wait months for a replacement tube (which don't seem to be imported very often anyway) The LED fits into the slot where the tube was, so I can still use the hood. Many thanks to all the team at Tech Den,, you are all awesome. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Sue.
  10. I have the Fluval Aqualife & Plant LED on my 3ft tank and love it. I have to trim plants almost every 2nd week as they grow like weeds. No algae on glass which is great as well. I also use Easy Carbo which I got from The Tech Den. Highly recommend the Fluval although it is a bit more costly but worth it in my opinion.
  11. liquidg you really know your stuff,,, well said. I was concerned that even though it was an established tank moving everything would have had some impact on everything and perhaps some more "re-settling" in time would have been better before adding to many corals and fish. Jase86uxb ,, marine is really a great tank to have, but patience is a virtue and to really succeed and not have losses it's better IMO to be patient, you will get there.
  12. Oh that looks like a really healthy tank. Really great to see lovely marine setup's as they aren't all that common.
  13. If you have only recently setup the tank do you think you might be adding to much to soon?? Just a thought, hope you don't mind me asking the question.
  14. I have only been a member for a short time and I think this forum is great. I read through past posts and most of the info is invaluable. I have had marines for a number of years and now going back to tropical's and so much has changed since I had my last tropical tank. Also I would never have known about The Tech Den if someone hadn't mentioned it to me in a comment. Turns out they are only a few kilometers away, and extremely helpful. I am not suggesting what could make the forum better as I havn't been here long enough to know.
  15. Like the idea a QT tank with snail rid. Going to do that so thanks for suggesting it. Don't want to start again because of unwanted snails.
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