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  1. Hi mate, just thin val. I placed a few rocks around the base of them as they established and after that they just dug around them. Hope that helps!
  2. Sold thanks 4ft Petworx tank, near new Seachem Tidal 110, AquaOne 200w heater, 4ft Petworx Led (sometimes a couple of diodes flash) and enough coral sand to fill it. 1 x 50cm tank 1 x 45cm tank 5 x corner filters 1 x 8 outlet air pump (needs some new rubbers) All for $200 pickup Loganholme. Closing down tanks in garage so needs to go.
  3. 4ft tank, filter, light and heater available with them if it helps. Tank is being shut down.
  4. 10+ adult or close to adult size. Countless bubs. Will be sold with all shells as it’s too time consuming to remove them all. Bring buckets. Pickup Loganholme. $250
  5. I did! Now have a small family of Shellie’s along with a lone gold ocellatus that managed to sneak in inside a shell... have ordered 2 small daffodil pulchers also for some colour
  6. Hi all, I've mostly been involved in the plant side of the aquarium hobby for some time now but have recently decided to try out something a little different. I have a 45cm cube aquarium, crushed coral substrate and seriyu stone that has suitable parameters for cichlids. I know it is only small, but I'm thinking of what I can stock it with and would love some advice! Current thoughts are: A pair of shellies or Neolamprologus pulcher (Daffodil) or a Julidochromis species? The shellies look really interesting and I like the idea of them but are very bland. Any suggestions of something that would be happy in this tank? Cheers!
  7. hey there mate, would you be happy to send 4 stems to warwick for $30ish ???? cheers justin, also looking for some blyxa, and chainswords if you have any other plants for sale i would be keen to do a pack buy

    1. Moist


      Pm sent mate, lots of stems available :)


  8. Far too expensive (in my opinion) to glut dose a tank of that size. In a matter of a couple of months, you would have been better off going with a basic pressurized co2 kit. What species are you keeping? And livestock? You may find you don't really need to go with ferts at all, especially because as you increase one thing, you increase the requirements of the others. Light - CO2 - Nutrients. Have one out of whack and you may find yourself with unhappy plants or an algae farm. Cheers edit: You are 100% right about surface agitation not affecting liquid carbon, but just remember that you are still off-gassing what little precious co2 you have expelled from livestock etc.
  9. Hi all, hoping someone knows him personally and able to ask him to contact me please!! Have sent a few messages but he hasn't been online at all. Cheers!!
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys. Having three together seems to have helped immensely as they are now sharing an algae wafer with the shrimp overnight and looking fat and happy Althoughmy glass isn't very clean now... hahaha Cheers!
  11. Cheers for that! I have put a Hikari algae wafer in with them tonight to see if they get interested. The shrimp are covering it atm though! Thanks for the advice I have seen Borneo's in my lfs and they do look interesting. I think the whippies will get too long, although I'd love to have a couple of those. Had never heard of them before! I had 2 in my 55L cube and 2 in my 50L long. Lost 3 in total and bought 2 more and popped them all together in one tank. I understand they like to be in groups of 6 or more but there was no way there would be enough food/space for that many in these little tanks... Hopefully the 3 I have left will thrive. They seem happy enough atm following each other around and cleaning glass/plants How long do you think it would take a BN to reach a size to need to move him on?
  12. Won't BN's get quite large? Only small tanks. Is there a pygmy/dwarf species I should look into? Cheers Donny! I do have blanched zucchini but they never seem interested and the shrimp swarm it immediately haha... any tips? Thanks for the replies
  13. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster I'd like to get some advice as I am having trouble keeping Otocinclus alive in two planted tanks. Have used master test kit and everything is fine there, and the tanks are reasonably well planted so plenty of food. The ones I still have are happily munching in the tank next to me as I type this. From the research I've done, it seems these fish are wild caught and shipped over? Many many reports of similar early deaths on the US forums but I thought it may be different here. Apparently these fish are extremely sensitive and it takes a bit of luck to keep them for long. I'd originally decided on Oto's due to their small size being in 50L tanks and being peaceful as I keep Cherry shrimp in there too. They certainly aren't cheap at $14-$16 a pop and I don't want to keep losing them. Can anyone suggest another suitable assistant glass cleaner please? Have looked at Siamese Algae Eaters (Flying Fox??) but they get too big. Thanks in advance! Attached a quick few snaps of one of my low tech tanks
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