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  1. its been a long time coming thanks for the replies anyone know of a place together good quality fancy Goldies
  2. any one know if these guys are still operating , website has shown no stock for the past 2 week s and no one ever answers the phone, want to go up and have look at some fancy Goldies cheers bob
  3. def the power and water and thats caused the decline of the hobbyist shops along with the big 2 tying up the corporates with guppies and goldfish
  4. you could try Bruce Sambell at Aussyfish he use to do them years ago, not sure if still does though
  5. pretty sure there was heaps of them washed over some of the Brisbane dam walls in the 2011 flood from memory
  6. No- she's suggesting- Spongebob has the answer to everything !!
  7. lol- i remember that, i didn't catch any, the nets they gave you were only big as a postage stamp
  8. and you said you loved me the most ??? tart ?
  9. all gone to a very organised julio-13, thanks for the no fuss removal happy fishing
  10. free free free, bump bump bump (thank god you don't have to pay for advertising on this site, can't give shit away lol )
  11. no photo's ,look like tanks and ibc, all in vgc, must take the lot, can't help with loading but have trolley, pm me if your up for it
  12. FREEEE ONE down here already cut if you want it PLUS 4 5 foot FREE tanks as well ALL in VGC
  13. as above 2 lots of 5 x2 x18 high tanks on two teir 40mm steel stands FREE FREE FREE MUST- pick up yourselves NO NO NO- photo's FIRST in best dressed ALSO MUST -take free 1000 ltr fishsafe ibc NO NO NO - stupid questions, ONLY APPLY if you can come and get them asap NO NO NO - holdsies I will only answer pm's if you read and follow all of the above, sorry to sound like an ars##ole BUT THESE ARE FREE and i don't want to be arsed around PICK UP IS AT CABARITA BEACH (look it up ) GOOD LUCK
  14. Finn/ Winston, can't send a pm for some reason- Those tanks and ibc are still here if you want to get them, they will be going to the tip if you don't, can you please shoot me a pm cheers bob
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