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  1. google growing Val, from memory it likes a lot of iron
  2. good on you mate, although I,ve moved up near Hervey Bay on the Isis river, Queenslander !! hope your retiring to Kirra, good luck
  3. Ha ha- I think I'll be back on this site regularly, I forgot how much fun it is to swear and not get deleted, keep it up ( not ya Nob ) I know your'e past that shit. good to see a lot of the old names around, I still do have a fishtank but its only 20 Ltrs, lol over and out and throw a sausage up the hallway
  4. Say Hello to Big Bad Baz as well. over and out ( thats what we used to say back in ww1 )
  5. ha ha so bloody true, have to try the dove, the sunlight they give you in prison leaves a rash around ya Rim, not into fish anymore went back into finches currently building 6 avairies, ya c#$t keep an old shagger down
  6. No Just got out, but me arse is still saw, kept on droppin the soap in the showers
  7. its been a long time coming thanks for the replies anyone know of a place together good quality fancy Goldies
  8. any one know if these guys are still operating , website has shown no stock for the past 2 week s and no one ever answers the phone, want to go up and have look at some fancy Goldies cheers bob
  9. def the power and water and thats caused the decline of the hobbyist shops along with the big 2 tying up the corporates with guppies and goldfish
  10. you could try Bruce Sambell at Aussyfish he use to do them years ago, not sure if still does though
  11. pretty sure there was heaps of them washed over some of the Brisbane dam walls in the 2011 flood from memory
  12. No- she's suggesting- Spongebob has the answer to everything !!
  13. lol- i remember that, i didn't catch any, the nets they gave you were only big as a postage stamp
  14. and you said you loved me the most ??? tart ?
  15. all gone to a very organised julio-13, thanks for the no fuss removal happy fishing
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