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  3. OK, did a filter clean, all sponge media taken out and washed in a bucket of tank water, all hoses washed out through the rain water tap, everything placed back in and together, before the clean TDS was 177, tested afterwards and TDS is now 155, all shrimp are moving around more actively also, will see how it goes and test TDS again tonight.
  4. Up, not a bad idea either, will do if the issue isn't resolved with a clean up of the filter. TDS I tested earlier when on lunch break was 172 now.
  5. Just sponges that came with the Eheim 2213, am going to now go pull the filter a part and give a clean and see if that's the issue.
  6. Rainwater, the TDS is 16, haven't added any minerals though.
  7. Hi, just wanted to hear some feedback on thoughts about the TDS in my tank. I currently have 15 Crystal Red Shrimp in a 45l tank, substrate is Fluval Shrimp Stratum, temperature is 22c, pH is 6.6, unsure of kH and gH though, plants are various Anubias and some Java Moss on Malaysian driftwood, filtration is a Eheim 2213. Was reading yesterday that TDS should be around 150, I tested and found the TDS in the tank to be around 260 odd, did a 50% water change and got it down to 136 I think it was, tested again today with a TDS pen and is now 160 odd, have removed melting leaves, anything that looks not healthy, which wasn't much to be honest. Really wanting the CRS to breed and have a really healthy tank, tank water comes straight from the rain water tank and the TDS in that is 16. The CRS tend to hang around the filter intake, one or two will wonder off now and then, not too interested in foods at the moment either, seem to just pick at the sponge intake, should I be worried?
  8. Received 15 Crystal Red Shrimp from JC12 this morning, all in excellent condition and have taken no time at all to colour up, more than happy with the service and quality of the livestock I have received, thank you so much, they look amazing.
  9. I received a package from JC12 earlier containing 15 Crystal Red Shrimp. I need to put out there that this is the second time I have dealt with JC and again I have had a great trading experience. All 15 arrived alive and well, from Queensland to country South Australia, all healthy, in excellent condition and have taken no time at all to colour back up. Packaging is also excellent and you can tell he's taken the time to make an effort that all CRS arrive in A1 condition. Honestly can not thank JC enough for his service and I have no hassles at all at recommending JC to others. Wasn't sure when to post this so hope this section is OK seeing new members will introduce themselves in this area and hopefully see this post, knowing they can get quality livestock from JC no hassles at all. Again, thank you.
  10. Iwagumi to me is the most beautiful aquatic display going around and when done perfectly or close to it look stunning. Personally I wouldn't use the tree, I'd stick with the stone only, either group them together or have two groups, no stones sitting in straight lines, have them on angles, but the thing is, if you are happy with what you have created, then run with it, don't listen to critics too much, it's your tank, your display, if you like it, run with it. You have everything here to create something very stunning, also use some smaller leaf plants and it'll look mint!
  11. Cheers Ray, Yeah will make an order for some IAL and Mulberry leaves either tonight or tomorrow, interested in seeing how the CRS react to them. 15 CRS ordered, will be sent off on Tues.
  12. Aquarium: Mr Aqua 12g (90cm x 24cm x 21cm) 45l Filteration: Eheim 2213 Canister Lighting: BeamsWork 90cm (10,000K) Heating: Aqua One Glass Heater (22c) Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum Flora: Anubias nana, Anubias paco, Anubias coffeefolia, Java Moss Fauna: Crystal Red Shrimp Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood Food: Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Benebachi Kale Tablets, Aqua One Vege Wafers Extras: Boss Aquaria Mineral Powder Future Plans: Intend to test different foods like Indian Almond Leaves & Mulberry Leaves
  13. In two minds about which set up to use as a Crystal Red Shrimp tank, I have an established Mr Aqua 12g Long tank set up and running which I have given to my old girl for her Betta which is decked out with Anubias nana on driftwood with a little Moss here and there, but also have a Aqua One Betta Villa Trio tank which I think is too small for a Betta and would be ideal for a CRS tank, it just needs to be made shrimp safe. Mr Aqua 12g tank as said is already established, with Fluval Shrimp Stratum, Malaysian driftwood with Anubias and Moss attached, filter is an Eheim 2213, heater is set to 24c, LED is a 90cm BeamWorks, Amazon Frogbit will be added once recieved. Aqua One Betta Villa Trio is a 35cm x 17cm x 17cm, I've taken the dividers out as I felt it was too small for a Betta, now without the dividers I still think it's too small for Betta, Fluval Shrimp Stratum will be used, light is a Aqua One AquaNano LED light, heater is a Aqua One preset to 25c, can't be changed, filter is a Aqua One 300mini, was thinking just add a single piece of Malaysian driftwood with Anubias nana and Moss on it, with Amazon Frogbit added to the front and back of the tank, as it has a back 'sump' section. So thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. I'm after some suggestions, advice, help in turning an Aqua One Betta Villa Trio tank into a Crystal Red Shrimp tank. As said in another thread I had made it into a single tank by removing the dividers out and removing the silicon, it turned out really well and I'm more than happy with the end result I feel it's still too small for a single male Betta to swim around in, so thought the right thing to do would move the Betta back into the Mr Aqua 12g Long and turn the Villa Trio in a CRS only tank but obviously I'll need to make it 'Shrimp Safe'. So firstly, the filter is an Aqua One 300mini internal, would this be enough to house say 10 CRS? The heater that came with the set up is preset to 25c, is this suitable? The intake and out-take section would be wide enough to suck shrimp through I think, especially juvi, how can I make it shrimp safe? I was thinking small square steel mesh inserted on the back of the intake and out-take sections, would that be OK? The light is an Aqua One LED that usually comes with the Aqua One AquaNano set up, that should be fine I think for just Anubias and Moss on a piece of driftwood. I have Fluval Shrimp Stratum on hand, should I use that as a substrate? Also will as some Amazon Frogbit as well, good idea? Tank is 36cm x 17cm x 17cm, is this large enough? As said above around 10 CRS. Should I add more media to the back section? Tank will be established before any shrimp will be added, in no hurry to add them at all. Any help at all, would be great and would really appreciate it, thank you.
  15. Having a personal health issue myself I can see where you are coming from, also having an extremely unwell family member also, it's quite hard to focus on most things or take an interest in things we once loved. I would say PM a member on here you trust with what items you wish to sell and see what that members suggest prices as mate. Honestly, best of luck with the health issues.
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