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    What happens when you ask your husband for a 6ft tank? You have to get rid of your other 7 :-( well.....I've shut down 5 tanks so far lol
    Running 6ft with a variety of tetras, a few bronze corys, killis and a bristlenose. Thinking of adding a few rainbows if I can find the ones I like.
    2ft with some RCS, a betta and a few glass shrimp.
    1.5ft with a betta and baby bristlenose who will move to the 6ft soon.
    Also Killifish hatchery and fry tank when needed.
    Married to an awesome man who isn't quite as passionate about fish as I am but will happily tote the water for his very grateful wife when weekly w/c happen and listens as I blab on about them :-)
    Love fish, love family, love God.
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    Family, fish keeping/breeding, writing, reading

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  2. I'd be willing to post some you some gardneri eggs from my next spawn [MENTION=16220]TheAquaHolic001[/MENTION], they are non-annuals and quite a good killi to begin with. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pm you when they spawn, I'm expecting this week or next with all the chasing and flirting going on ;-)
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/killifish/aphyosemion-australe-gold-3cm.html I was really nervous when my killis bred for the 1st time but once you get the hang of it hatching the eggs is fun. Mine spawn on mops but i choose to collect the eggs and hatch in a small container. If they're eyed up and I'm sure the eggs are ready I put the container in my pocket and go for a walk. The body heat and moving water help them hatch; something I learned along the way. I saw the ones from.Sydney and yes thry did look bland but they sometimes get like that if they're spawning and not getting a break and good food. Plus I don't think the photos are well taken. Keep looking, hopefully you'll find one that takes your fancy
  5. Oh the non-annuals would be shipped in water and the annuals probably in peat.
  6. Annuals lay their eggs in the substrate and in their natural habitat the eggs will stay hidden even if the puddle/river etc dries up then when the rains come they hatch out. The annuals or peat/mud spawners would be easiest to ship. The non-annuals spawn on plants or in the aquarium on spawning mops. There are also semi-annuals but I don't know anything about them but I think they are a mix of both peat and mop spawners. The non-annual eggs would hatch if sent from overseas I'd say because their incubation time is about 20 days or so, to me it's too risky given the unpredictable postage times.
  7. I'm no expert by any means but i think this one sounds especially hardy lol they're a tough little fish. I've read that they can live in the footprint of an elephant if it fills with water and will 'crawl' from one puddle to another in search of food, mates, best breeding spot etc. I love finding out stuff about killis, I think they're amazing. There are eggs of various annual species being sold on ebay both from Australia and overseas.
  8. Found some interesting info on them https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mummichog
  9. [MENTION=16220]TheAquaHolic001[/MENTION] you are right about them being able to survive out of water, some species of killis have been found up trees! I had a male (who sadly died today) jump out of the tank during water change once, I put the lid back on & hubby came along & sat the laptop bag down on the floor next to the tank, 10/15 minutes later I went to feed them & noticed the male gone. Lifted the laptop case & he was underneath. I picked him up & put him in the tank & he swam around like nothing even happened. That was about 12 months ago. They are remarkable fish & so pretty. I'm not familiar with the species you've mentioned but livefish.com.au sells a couple of different species.
  10. Does anyone have any good ideas for anchoring plants in a tank with a gold spot pleco?
  11. That tank is so beautiful [MENTION=6434]bluebelle[/MENTION] what's the pretty lace looking plant in the background on the right? I love heavily planted tanks but my plec digs up everything in my 6ft so I only have a few driftwood with anubias and java fern growing on them. I was thinking of drilling some small holes in the wooden lid near the back and using fishing wire to hang a few small pots of some micranthemum. I am floating some elodea at the top for fry cover. [MENTION=4260]kane123[/MENTION] I'm only running some blue and white leds and so far all my plants are flourishing. Love to hear about the progress you make as time goes on
  12. I don't blame you there, Discus are too precious to toy with :-) I'll check on line for some personal reviews
  13. If you do buy one [MENTION=2571]Mattzilla[/MENTION] can you test it out and report back on how it goes? I'm thinking of buying a spare for my 6ft also.
  14. LOL [MENTION=13611]Heintz.G[/MENTION] no water, no feeding, no fun :-)
  15. Just tap the brakes a few times, you'll be set ;-)
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