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  1. [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION] Were you still breeding the Orange Heads? Cheers Damo
  2. Did you have any luck location any Orange heads @tdj5? Ozmo's inbox has been full for a while so can't get into contact with him. Cheers Damo
  3. Hey mate Your inbox is full so posted here.

    I know it was been a while since you posted but was wondering if you still had and orange heads for sale or if you knew of any good breeders that do?

    Cheers Damo

  4. Hey guys the main focus of this thread will be the planted tank but will include pics of the little fronts every now and then! The planted tank has been running for a month now and slowly kicking into gear. The scape is not 100% complete as I have some random plants in there just seeing how they go. Still sorting out the piping and going to install some glass inlets/outlets soon. Fronts tank: 4*2*2.5ft high. 9 Ikola 5-7cms 3 Random Peacocks 3 Clown loachs 1 Albino Pleco 1 Sailfin Pleco. fx5 filter 1ft t5 light (they like darkness) Planted tank: 3*1.5*1.5ft 2*canisters Ehiem 2213 running a 200w inline heater. Fluval 206 running a Sera in-line reactor. Pressurised Co2 system running at 3bpm. 4*39w t5 globes. (3*plant grow, 1*10000k) currently 5 hours a day. (Only just increased from 2 to 4 bulbs) Ferts: None atm Substrate is 2toned diy on the bottom and capped with sand and then ADA Amazonia 1 and a half bags. Fish list: Cherry Shrimp 2* royal whips 3* L134 To get fish: Pair of rams Pair of Red Breasted Acaras Maybe some smaller tetras if I only get one pair. The scape I am going for is a jungle of crypts at the back left (raised) then down the slope that the driftwood creates into a field of hc (that is slowly growing). Most of the stem plants will probably end up going or being moved. Then on the right side have a little "island" to break the hc carpet up with some more crypts, blyxa and a feature sword. The peg will be going shorty so don't worry haha. Let us know what you guys think and any times on the setup would be helpful Cheers Damo.
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  6. Photos are not the best but shows his yellows/blues a lot better. Starting to think it is a Iwanda strain. Awesome looking fish and he still has a fair bit of growing to do. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  7. Will try and get a better photo later on. Thanks guys
  8. Hey guys just want to confirm what species this guy this. Was sold as flametail cichlid. Cheers Damo
  9. Thanks for the insight guys. Just wondering with sand if there is any reason you use pool sand? I had a quick look at pool sand is like double the price of play sand. I have used the play sand before with africans but would the play sand be ok with Geos? Richgro 20kg Play Sand I/N 3022506 | Bunnings Warehouse Poseidon 15kg Zeo-Clor Sand Replacement Filters I/N 3090117 | Bunnings Warehouse Cheers Damo
  10. I have done a bit of measuring and although I can fit the 5fter I can not place it where I would like it to go so have gone with the 4*2*2.5. With regards to filtration the tank will have a Fx5 on it. Judging by the specs that will provide very good filtration for the tank correct? I was thinking I could also add a massive sponge filter and hide it behind big rocks /dw in the back corner for as addition filtration and oxygen. Also this will be my largest tank so far (biggest 2 years ago was 250L) so a little unsure on what the water change requirements would be. I worked out that the tank is about 550L. What % weekly would you recommend I change or would it be better to go a bigger fortnightly change. Picking up the tank next week so expect a journal. Cheers Damo
  11. Thanks for the reply Laurie. I was thinking the bigger base footprint the better but there is a nice 4*2*2.5 going cheapish so that's why I was asking. I think I read some where that Thread Fin Acara were not good to mix with the other 2 because they are slightly more aggressive? They are stunning fish and would love to keep them but would adding another bigger species to the tank cause problems? Say 4 Taps 4 horse and 2 Heckelii? Also with regards to the 2 sand sifters what depth of sand should I start of with? Cheers Damo
  12. Hey all, Looking to set up a earth eater tank with Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" and Satanoperca leucosticta within the next few months and just had a few questions. 1: Which tank size would be better 4*2*2.5 (2.5 tall) or a 5*2*2. Would the extra 1" length be more better than the height? Both are same volume. 2: With each sized tank would I be able to keep small groups say 3-4 of both Tapajos and leucostictas? 3: Tank mates will probably be a group of schooling fish med-large sized tetras. Would 1 or 2 plecos be alright with them or a bit too crowded for bottom feeders? That's all for now thanks in advance. Cheers Damo
  13. you topped up the tank with water straight from the tap?????? i hope your talking rainwater not town water... gratz on the eggs my albinos spawned the other day
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