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    Betta and aro fan. Previously bred EBJD, various betta sp.
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  1. Wow that's not something you see every day. Very cool!
  2. I personally find sumps much better if it is not a major hassle for you to install one. Keeps the tank looking much cleaner (without heaters, tubes/pipes etc in the tank), and generally a much larger capacity for media.
  3. Proper video time
  4. Looking good
  5. Time for an upgrade. Thanks @raycam01_au
  6. Thankyou SO much to The Tech Den for going above and beyond to get me my package before the weekend. Needed egg crate for my sump so that we can start filling it. If not for them the tank wouldn't be getting water in it this weekend. Thanks guys!
  7. Wish I still had this tank ;_;
  8. He made me tonnes of quality tanks. Including the 8x3x2 and the 3x3x2. Good stuff
  9. Thanks for looking after us @The Tech Den! Loved feeding the sailfin
  10. Such a wicked tank. Love it
  11. It is looking fantastic! Keep us updated.
  12. That is divine
  13. Great deal I'd snap it up if I didn't already have mine.
  14. Tank is finally starting to grow in after many, many failed attempts haha. Never going to try and plant in fresh aquasoil again, that stuff is super potent when set up ammonia wise. Lost a cpl of batches of HC trying to plant when too much ammonia was still in the tank. Had a large outbreak of BBA too. Ended up ripping out all the struggling/melted HC, bleach dipping the rocks to remove all the BBA, and heavily replanted with HC and Monte carlo. Tank has been running for a week now with new plants and they are slowly settling in. Algae situation seems far better. Still battling with extremely low PH (5-4.5). Have added crushed shells, but waiting for them to kick in. Really happy to finally have some greenery in the tank. It might not be filled in yet, but it finally is on its way. It sure has been challenging.
  15. Ottocinclus are algae eating gods. They do need a mature tank though