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  1. When Ray does the water changes they can be his tanks
  2. We waited about 12 months in our current place till we had the landlord's trust that we were good tenants. Asked permission for a few tanks to start, let them see the tanks neat and tidy during a few inspections. We are lucky and have tile through the whole house which I'm sure helps. It was no issue when we asked for our 5x2x2, but probably wont plumb our whole system until we buy the property later this year. Think it really depend on how well you get along with the landlord and how easygoing they are.
  3. Fish are responding super well to the metro today. Really happy about it
  4. Set up the quarantine tank for the new discus today. Got a solid yellow, solid white and a yellow checker coming in. Was lucky enough to find a kind vet that is supplying us with Metro. Dosed the problem tank for the first time today. Hoping it all goes well.
  5. Setting up a quarantine tank for 3 new discus. Ordered some new heaters etc. Still treating a single discus for hex, trying to find pure metro is a huge pain. No vets in my area will give it to me. She is improving but need to get some stronger stuff.
  6. Wild bettas are my favourite, so will probably gather a small collection of them. Currently have hendra and mahachai, looking to get Macrostoma and some others. Also looking into apistos and anything that can handle our outrageously acidic water.
  7. Thanks @raycam01_au. Do you keep many fish? I'd love to get some tips from you sometime
  8. These guys are growing great. There is approx 12 or so in the colony. The one male spawns with the largest female once a week like clockwork. Haven't seen any tiny fry yet, the snails might be eating the eggs before they hatch. Not sure if there are any other males in there, if there are they are hiding it quite well. Tank is kept very dark with lots of mulm. Ph is about 4.5 in most of our tanks.
  9. Wow that's not something you see every day. Very cool!
  10. I personally find sumps much better if it is not a major hassle for you to install one. Keeps the tank looking much cleaner (without heaters, tubes/pipes etc in the tank), and generally a much larger capacity for media.
  11. Thankyou SO much to The Tech Den for going above and beyond to get me my package before the weekend. Needed egg crate for my sump so that we can start filling it. If not for them the tank wouldn't be getting water in it this weekend. Thanks guys!
  12. He made me tonnes of quality tanks. Including the 8x3x2 and the 3x3x2. Good stuff
  13. Thanks for looking after us @The Tech Den! Loved feeding the sailfin
  14. Great deal I'd snap it up if I didn't already have mine.
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