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  1. Ah if you are going by what they have posted then probably not I am looking for little ones under 7cm
  2. Would love to know more about WCMM I've got 7 in my tank (4 boys and three girls), with an aqua clear 110 a log with some java moss i alternate between crushed flake one meal and either defrosted bloodworm/ brine shrimp could you please tell me how I could ensure that I don't over feed my babies how I could encourage them to breed and whether I could eventually add fancy goldfish to the tank
  3. Have been searching high and low in the Melbourne area apart from uni colour ranchus and orandas (except for redcaps) cant seem to find any pretty fancies Any know of any place? Looking for 7cm and below thanks
  4. The cheapest I found at Growmasters, Victoria is $3.50 a pot for the smallest size Do Bunnings/ Kmart have them any cheaper?
  5. How old are they before they are sexually mature My minnows don't seem to be interested in frolicking in the moss
  6. Agree 100% i like your method less messy, waters at a similar temp rather than straight off the tap.
  7. Thanks bud The gravel vac is quite pricey @$ 70 More than a basic pond pump
  8. Growmasters in Victoria is there an equivalent in your state? Bunnings has them as well
  9. Hardly a few quid more Sam Sam's useful method uses an internal/ external pump which is slightly dear at close to $300 I am not sure if there are less expensive pumps that can be run "dry" and do the same job at your local hardware store you could pick up a submersible pond pump for around $50 and connect tubing/ hose uses 18W of power obviously would not be able completely drain the tank as it needs to be under water you can then use the pond pump in the drum- within head height restrictions- to refill tank or you could then reverse it (the tricky bit) and use it to refill your tank or you could use hose pipe with a tap adaptor to refill the tank- this costs under $20 the disadvantage of this method (directly from tap) is that you cannot prepare your water in advance with obvious restrictions to pH and temperature this differs to Sam's method- as he prepares his water in a drum but it costs a bit less, but is probably a lot more messy and fiddly
  10. from the description it sounds like it connects to your tap it empties the tank and by flipping a switch it refills the tank would appreciate if anyone who has used it could let me know if it works I am an old man with a bad back
  11. Thanks Peter I will certainly check it out The only thing is the pump is rated for 100 to 200 L But I suppose it should be ok as you are running to air stones on medium pressure Thanks once again
  12. Hi guys Need your advice on which airpump I should be buying to run a 120 cm aircurtain on my 4foot 220 l tank Cheers
  13. thanks for the info mate been to bunnings today they did have some submersible pumps that may do the trick could I ask what your pump model is- so I can get one that can run externally? cheers bud
  14. A few questions, if you dont mind Plecosam 1. 200L drum available at a Hardware shop? 3. I'm assuming pump is a submersible pond pump. Apart from mixing water does it help in transfer of water? 4. Gravel vac- I'm assuming it will drain into the sink (I have no back yard ) 6. Pump to hose, does it flow manually or do I use the pond pump for this? Thanks in advance
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