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  1. Ladies and Gents, wondering if anyone has used aluminium in there sump set ups. I currently have three x 2000L fiberglass tanks and am using wheelie bins for sump/filter. Trouble is they are not designed to hold water and am only getting 12 months before they crack with the weight of the water and filter media aggregate, plus drums and bins are not the easiest to empty when cleaning. My idea was to fabricate out of aluminium sheet and make like a trough (fabrication is cheap as I have all the gear to cut and weld, so only initial cost of sheets). I have been researching on the internet and most information relates to not using Aluminium in salt water, because of oxsidisation, which I can understand. But have not read a lot about fresh water. A lot of water bottles, beer and soft drink cans are made from Aluminium, and working on the theory that good enough for humans, good enough for fish. I currently have aluminium mesh in one of the tanks (been in there nearly 8 months) that I use to grow plants on and have not noticed any ill affects on the fish (large number of adult angels), PH change was only minimal around .03, The comments that I did find on the net related to issues where PH was under 5.8 and over 8 (seems very acidic water may react with Aluminium). my pond are sitting around 6.2 > 6.7. The media for proposed filter would be in three sections - K1, Cotton media pads and volcanic rock, all of which should not react with Aluminium. A friend suggested to Powder coat the Aluminium, to help protect and to stop any reaction. So any information or past experiances would be greatly appreciated
  2. Cheers AOA, have about 100 like this growing hydroponically, grow quite fast that way but underwater very very slow Thanks again
  3. Hi I am wondering if some one can please identify this plant for me, is has sprays of small white flowers and grows under water (Very Slowly) as well as above the water, common name and scientific would be great, or direction as to where to look would also be great Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Steve, I am using freshly hatched brine shrimp, do I need to go to a smaller food form?
  5. I am having problems in keeping parent NBRs from eating there fry, I have two pairs and have successfully breed them half a dozen times each, they are great parents till the fry are free swiming, but then tucker down on them. I have checked all the water peramators, PH around 5.5, and a soft water, all seems well and fish have no problems and seem to be happy. I have been putting in a small amount of newly hatched brine shrimp in the tank, as soon as the fry start to wringle as I thought that they might be eating them as they could not see enough food in the tank for them, but that didn't work. I also put a cover around two thirds of the sides of the tank, thinking that they might be spooked (tank is in a fish shed and generally only gets visited twice a day during feeding) but that didn't work either. Any suggestions would be greatly appresiated
  6. Hi There, I am not exactly a new member as I have been on here for around 12 months but have stayed in the background listening and reading, and I would like to say a big thanks to all the people that write and participate in the forums, as I have gained a weath of knowledge from the reading that I have done. I have always dabbled in fish and restarted keeping tanks again around when I joined the forum, starting out with one tank and now sitting at around 70 ( a massive thanks to my good wife that looks after them when I am working away which is two weeks out of every month). I started out with angels, and been breeding them quite successfully and moved to African Cichlids, using the information that I have gained on here to sucessfully breed around twenty five differant varieties most of which are Malawi. We are currently dabbling into American cichlids with a mix of success, a few catfish and tropicals. So again a big thanks to all who participate on this site and hopefully you will hear more from me in the future interwog
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