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  1. Hey Luke, My thoughts are this would add another level of management and complexity to the site creating more work for the Admin and Mods. I find using the the friend and foe option in the user control panel enables me to discuss items and issues with people of common interest. Adding groups I think would create silo's and would remove the diversity of being able to mix with all individuals in order to obtain different views and experiences. Cheers Stoppy
  2. Hi Ryan, Your fish are in good condition mate. Nice Stock! Stoppy
  3. I will second this statement: Here is something you should read before you commence treatment => http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/ich.php Regards, Stoppy
  4. Hey Shon, If school is the focus mate, don't let me catch you on here Fill out the form and submit it to the Fair Trading Office. Once they get the form they will need to conduct an investigation, takes the pressure away from you. Just keep a copy and give them a call if you don't hear from them in 14 days. If the filter is the one I found on the site, it should indicate taps and media not included in my opinion, just like the good old battery operated toys "Batteries not included" Stoppy
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  6. Wil, Eheims produce good filtration and are simple by design for the hobbyist. If you decide to go with eheim: 1. Shop around for the best price. 2. When you hook it up you need to make sure the cannister is filled properly with water to elminate air being trapped which does upset the impellor, but once you do this a couple of times it is easy. Shon982, Mate, I would be going to fair trading. That to me is like buying a computer without a motherboard or car with without a engine. Retaillers can't behave like that! Stoppy
  7. Hey teacherman, Do you have an update on your progress for this topic, interested to see the results. Stoppy
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  10. Hey mate. Is this it http://www.fluval-g.com/features_e.php OMG - What next! Stoppy
  11. Thanks for your input jono. I have done everything mentioned except your above suggestion. Got home last night and found the culprit picking on the newbies. He is now living in a separate tank. Got up this morning and only the odd chase. Will be interesting to see if another one steps up take his place. Maybe this could a contributor to MTS. Lol Stoppy
  12. alright water changes as per schedule, but that's some serious filtering with the externals terry. why so much? I thought the rule of thumb was to turn over the tank 2 - 3 times in the hour. Stoppy
  13. Hey Terry, Up my tank with another 11 fish today and have added more coverage, clay ornamens, etc...as you suggested. Just a few questions - with your 40 fish, 1. How often do you change the water with that many fish? 2. What sort of filtration do you run on that size tank? Cheers Stoppy
  14. How's the filtration on that thing, two sand filters.......
  15. Hey Teacherman, Great concept and education stream. Just a suggestion, Why not use plastic bottle, polystyrene, bricks and stuff in the tank and use the Trolley and tyres as external objects outside of the display. Looking forward to seeing the end product and hearing about the outcomes of the presentation. Stoppy
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