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  1. Tonight while feeding my oscar, I had the flashlight on my phone on and noticed small circles of white dots around my oscars head. I have heard about sensory pits before and I am hoping that's what they are, however I would love to know how to tell the difference between sensory pits and hole in the head in oscars. I am a tad worried as I've never noticed these small circles before... I've also never put a direct light into his face either though, as he gets very aggressive when there is light on. He's feeding well and doesn't seem to be disgruntled. Photos to come.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all of the advice and support - it's really appreciated. I'll answer your questions ASAP, but we've got a bit of a shrimp emergency. Over the last 5 days we've lost 6 of our CRS, just lost 2 tonight. Should we move them into a tank that we have spare that is completely cycled? We have tested the tank they're in and it's KH and GH are fine, as are all other parameters. We are not sure what's happening. Should we move them?
  3. Hey, Thats the first Crystal Reds I have had shrimplets from, we have had more than enough red cherries tho Thanks
  4. A little baby shrimplet next to it's adult counterpart. We've been waiting for this for so long!
  5. The danio babies have been relocated so it's back to finally growing out this tank. It's looking a tad weary. Unfortunately a part on my Co2 kit broke, I am a little disappointed. Going to take it back tomorrow to see what we can do... if not, any suggestions for keeping the plants healthy in the mean time? Our plan is to put shrimp in now. We are tossing up between Blue Velvets and Red Nose Algae Eaters. Any thoughts?
  6. So I had a bit of a disaster. For some god damn reason I thought it'd be a bright idea to put danios in the tank. I like them, what can I say? Anyway, about 2 days in the danios started to rip the s*** out of the HC. Parts have been damaged to an unrepairable state. So I moved them to a spare tank I had. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was checking the Co2 on my planted tank and I saw tiny, tiny fry swimming around the tank. There were literally dozens of fry just daring around the tank... possibly hundreds. So it's been a few weeks now and I thought I'd take a snap to show some rather sad progress but ... lot's of little danios! I am planning on doing a trim when the danios have grown a little more and we can ship them out... that means lots of grow out and more to experiment with later on, which sounds great to me! [ATTACH=CONFIG]67344[/ATTACH]
  7. As a noob, this forum and it's members have been ridiculously helpful!
  8. About 2 weeks after we got our electric yellows, we noticed one was holding ... so we got a small tank and learnt how to strip her. Long story short, we're pretty sure they're hybrid babies ... anyone have any idea what she's crossed with? They each have small white markings down their sides, they appear to have a different body shape to the mum but perhaps that's because they're still juvies. They're around 1 and a half months old and 1.5cm in size approx. Picture of mum (holding) below.
  9. Happy little fella on some driftwood (there's another big piece with a hollow not pictured) and the sponge filter with the bubbles!
  10. Alright, a little update: Everything has been running smoothly since we swapped over the power boards. Took your advice Brengun and got a long air curtain and a sponge filter for the tank. Thanks for that. As far as everything else goes, there is driftwood in the tank (there's anubias attached to it) and we do feed the plecs cucumber. We've read conflicting information on whether or not to give it to them raw (washed) or boiled, what would you all suggest? As far as our other tanks are concerned, they've all been stable for a while now without any deaths/problems (excluding a snail outbreak... don't worry, I got a snail trap) and don't feel it's relevant to this thread. I acknowledge that the tank was overstocked and that we have incompatible fish but we're actively working on a solution that's within our means to fix the problem.
  11. Hey all, Thanks for your comments. Luckily, I didn't leave my wallet at home... as it turns out we needed a new power board. At first we thought the heater we had was buggered, so we bought a new one, however it didn't work either. As the air stone had been working 24/7 we hadn't thought about the power board being a problem but we then noticed the filter was working, on and off, and the new heater was screwed as well. We bought a new power board and since have not lost a single fish. I'd like to thank everyone for their help, but also highlight the fact that some comments can come across as harsh and be a little humiliating. We are beginners, we are newbies but we are also passionate about the hobby, excited and most importantly: learning. There is no need for rudeness in giving advice. The majority of you reading this will probably have a lot more experience in fish keeping than I do, but isn't it important to support and nurture the new comers? Admittedly I have debated about posting this for a while but I do think it's important. I have done my research, I will continue to do my research and I will continue to ask questions because I want to learn about the hobby and be good at it, but remember that when someone is learning, things can and will go wrong, so cut me (and other newbies) some slack.
  12. Again, thanks for everybody's input since we started this thread, we had no idea how bad the tank was. We have moved the chinese algae eaters to the Oscars tank, I think hes already gotten 1 of the 2, and moved the Clown loaches to our Cichlid tank. I am thinking of getting a small tank to move the tetras and maybe a few of the smaller bristlenose out - with the possibility of moving the 2 angel fish to a smaller tank until we can either get rid of them or find a different tank. Could you guys help me more specifically about which fish need to be split - the ones I am unsure of are angels, platys, glass cattys and discus. Since I have already bought these fish I want to give keeping them a go, I understand discus are hard, but at the same time, I dont feel like I could sell these to anybody knowing that there could be something wrong with them ready due to whats going on in this tank. So some ideas as to how to split these into 2 tanks would be great! I have been to Redlands Pet Centre before (Only just found them tbh) and I know they are involved with this forum so I will head down there and grab a small-medium sized tank once I know what I need to put in it.
  13. Thanks for all the replys guys!!! We are sorting out a way to split these fish up - in terms of the chinese algae eaters... would it be wrong/bad to turn them into Oscar food? We have one that is somewhere between 25-30cm. Otherwise perhaps I should just remove them? We feed our bottom feeders on algae wafers (Hikari brand), a few micro pellets (Hikari also) and also a small amount of Australian Black Worms as the discus seem to love it.
  14. Alrighty so we need to get rid of the discus and the angel fish, no one is going to want to buy them from our tank for obvious reasons... do you think they're dropping off because of the fish list or because of some other disease? Just lost another two tetras and a borneo. At this rate it won't matter what's in the tank, they're dropping off like flies.
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