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  1. @Eric A i did see that video and it’s actually where i got a lot of my inspiration from. That tank is so peaceful to watch! I’ve been trying to get a photo of the little buggers today but they are so tiny and just a pain to get any decent photo of. Guess i will redouble my efforts tomorrow...
  2. Arrived same day as they were shipped so very happy with the fast shipping. No D.O.A’s all 10 are happy and healthy. Currently being acclimated as i type to their new home.
  3. Thought i’d start a thread on my experiences with keeping and hopefully breeding these little gems.
  4. @Stevil cant disagree with you there. I just read that they can “talk” by rubbing their pectoral fins together and that they are really intelligent. Maybe they can help me do my maths homework
  5. Anyone kept these before or currently has them? Saw them online and thought they looked pretty interesting so i ordered a few for my planted tank. Only thing is that i heard they are notorious shrimp hunters. Can anyone second this? If they are i am afraid of the well being of the glass shrimp currently inhabiting the tank.
  6. Sounds good mate, i’ve got a planted 3ft that has been running with no filtration for about 3 months now. Never kept plants before so can’t really say i’ve noticed increased growth but everyone seems happy.
  7. Look good mate, when you move everyone into the 8ft do you reckon you’ll let the cubans breed and raise their fry in the tank they are in or are you just gonna let them feed the rest of the tank.
  8. HAHA please tell me i helped convince you to get him!
  9. You are probably right for a week but I need him to be looked after for quite a lot longer than originally thought now as we move, however i have already arranged his new temporary home. Completely forgot i had this thread
  10. Welcome mate, what kind of Africans do you have, are you breeding them and how many tanks (at this stage )
  11. Welcome, what size tank do you have
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