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  1. Thanks guys for your comments, I am only 13 years old and in grade 7. I'm not a fish pro yet and a really appreciate your helpful advise, plus I have only had a fish tank for 9 months. Sorry about the so called humour... I actually meant what I wrote and I thought they were good questions.
  2. For a tropical fish tank. What is the best product to use to worm yor fish?.... .
  3. I added my discus over a month from private breeders, the fish I have: in my tank are Krib, rummy nose, ell tailed catfish, ram, chain loach, Black sharks, Congo, gourami. That's all I have.
  4. I have 3 discus all ranging from5-10cm but the 7cm is hiding in one of my hollow wood and is on an angel. It is a peaceful community tank. It has been happening for 2 days now. it is a 4f by 1.5f tank. I have had the fish tank for a year and the rest of my fish are fin\good\great and I do and have checked my water results and there is no problem with them.
  5. My 5-10cm discus is swimming on an angle in is constantly hiding in and between wood. I have checked the nitrate and it is all fine WHAT SHOULD I DO? it is the first time I am keeping discus and I need help please.
  6. Do you just squeez the juice into the water?
  7. I feed my peaceful tank just flake and sometimes a few peas chopped up.
  8. I think people are ripping other people off all the time but that's because it's a ripped off world with ripped off people having ripped off things while eating ripped off food.......
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