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  1. That cat shark doesn't "walk" around the tank quite as often as the Epualette but they still damage coral apparently so I was going to pretty much just avoid putting any in, should I chuck some in anyway and just see how it goes? Yeah I'm actually looking forward to scaping all the tank features and their little hidey holes. Hmm big skimmers at a must so everyone tells me. Do you think I'll have issues with keeping the tank clean if I have the 2 sharks and a small prey ecosystem in there for them to graze on? Thanks for the reply, the epualette is a gorgeous shark and good choice.
  2. Hey guys, setting up a new freshwater tank in my room over the next few days. I've got my heart set on a group of 6 danio. 3 red fun zebra and 3 regular zebra. And I was hoping to grab one or maybe a pair of something pea full but a bit bigger and maybe slower to help fill the tank out. The tank is 165 litres 2.8ft wide,1 deep and 2.4 high. So preferably something that will hang out mid/bottom tank and not spend the whole time under a rock. There will be one large, forked piece of timber with some plant cover around where it meets the surface, a few river stones and some grasses. I'll probably have pockets of tall this grass for the danio to dart around in. The tank will stay around 26 degrees Celsius and I'll have a bit of fast water moving through the tank for the danio. Is there any of the smaller fresh water shark breeds that a pair of would find my tank comfortable?I can see that possibly being a bad mix at some point though. thoughts? Any insight is helpful. cheers
  3. I will actually be up in Queensland in the next month or so. I'll be sure to too in, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Also I was wondering if there is a clean and colourful breed of crustacean I can have a breed tank for and keep a bit of colour/ sport in the tank. Furthermore, are catshark likely to give into temptation a lot and over eat if there's other small species with them, or will they only munch down a tank occupant every once In a while?
  5. Please please please don't just start rattling off random information that you have only read online, I appreciate any help however I've already trawled the forums for information and now I'm looking for actual shark owners to help me avoid making any bad, uninformed decisions. Okay guys, I am about to start preparing my first decent sized Marine tank. And I'm planning on putting a pair of cat shark in there. Preferably coral but I dare say that I'll be more likely to find an Australian marble. I don't need to worry about sourcing the sharks just yet (however any help there would also be greatly appreciated) The purpose of this is to make sure I am doing everything right while preparing the tank so they adjust well. I would ideally like to hatch my own so obviously the conditions with have to be spot on so they have more likelihood of eating. I'm aware it isn't recommended for first time shark owners but the only evidence I've seen to support that is people just have a whinge on forums so if it's a terrible mistake please let me know. The tank itself is 2090L x920D x440h (mm) I am happy to buy a ready to install system from someone but would ideally rather set it up from scratch myself to make maintenance and upkeep easier and more effective. Admittedly I've seen mixed reviews on weather or. It the fish will be happy and comfortable once fully grown in this tank but a lot of signs point to yes. If someone could clear that up for me I'd be much obliged. If everything goes well with these guys and I'm planning on building an acrylic 15L x10D x7H (ft) marine tank in 2 years for a more diverse community anyway so they'll thrive in that. Also any advice, tricks, tips etc for setting up a relatively automated environmental regulation system for the tank will be greatly appreciated. I'll be getting the tank on Wednesday and I'd like to get stuck into the purchasing and preparation as soon as possible. So lay it on me please people, water preparation and the filtration system is something I'd definitely like some personal experiences advice on. money isn't unlimited but I'm aware that these aquariums get expensive but and an willing to throw whatever I need to at it to do it right and keep those awesome little creatures comfortable and happy. oh also, how big will I have to build the unit underneath the tanks to house everything needed discretely. If I can't keep all the plumbing inside it's gunna look like I've got a meth lab on my front porch... obviously a contained, but dismantle-able filtration and skimming system will be harder to set up but make it easier to move (I'm moving into my own house somewhere between December and a year from now) and maintain. Keep in mind the tank isn't awfully talk either so I can actually get quite a bit under it. And I will have another identical tank I was thinking about converting to a sump and filter unit underneath. I look forward to any help you have to offer.
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