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  1. He is getting a lot better, just still can't get to the bottom too easy, been feeding peas, and fasting. Mixing up the food a little after fasting, he loves the live black worms. All my food is new bar one container of fry food, but good to know as well. I put a female in with him for a little while and that got him pretty active, one strange thing is he doesn't appear to flare.
  2. The only issue I think you might have with your first community tanks is the angels maybe
  3. They go crazy over frozen peas that have been cooked a little, remove the shells feed about 1/4 to each, the rest feed to other fish if you have them, they will also go crazy
  4. Yeah, spot on which is why if I salt bath it is a fraction of the salinity people say, not even 1/4 of sea water which was mention above, the salt baths are only to help the wounds. ICH will only be affected by the salt in it's free swimming stage by drying out the cells of the tomites
  5. I am not sure how much loaches deal with salt, as far as I was aware they are pretty intolerant to it. I do know that they will swim around in the salt bath then pass out for a second or two, and I was advised not to go over 20 minutes. As mentioned above Protozin I feel is one of the best from using it and reviews from others, much less hard hitting formulation (less stressful for already stressed fish). Copper will most likely kill your shrimp and snails also if you have any. Quality foods with Garlic will help you fish fight off the infections Also as mentioned above turn the light off, I have heard that the swimming tomites struggle to find targets in lower light Some useful information about ich can be found peteduction website BTW if you think it is Velvet or Ich, Protozin deals with both I also have multiple thermometers in one tank and they all show different readings, I did this when heat was working for me in an outbreak. So triple check that your temp is that temp
  6. Siamese algae eater works a treat, got two. Had the issue in one tank, move the plants to the tank with the siamese algae eaters and hair algae gone in a few days
  7. Thanks again. I didn't buy him, I got him for free :-) in an attempt to recover him
  8. Thanks mate, yeah I had one jump out of my tank at the office the other day, and found him dried up on the floor. The problem is not dropsy, he is not swollen at all with exception of his swim bladder, I will attach a photo. Apparently he has been like this now for 3 weeks, and I have had him for about 1. He seems to be getting a little better, one side more swollen than the other. Thanks again, keep me posted with your fish will be interested for sure.
  9. Update, he seems to be a very tiny bit better, but hard to tell entirely because he is using some of the plants I put in there he is using to prop himself up. The air in the tail is still bulging, feed him 1/4 of a pea yesterday, he ate that and a tiny black worm today. now I will start his fasting again. I am not sure that the problem here is from normal overfeeding, maybe he has a genuine problem with his swim bladder. Can someone please give some ideas? Thanks in advance, Dan
  10. thank you so much for your replies, especially for that URL I will have a read now Dan
  11. Hi, I purchased some Bettas the other day, and got one floating (on his side) one for free in the hopes that I can recover it. Between the abdomen and tail on the lower part there seems to be protrusion of air, and I am guessing this is SBD, apparently he had been like this for a while. What I have done so far, given him a nice bath in IAL water, raised the temp in the tank (he is more active trying to swim normal and is actually righting himself much more than before). I haven't been feeding him for the last two days, and gave him some pea yesterday which sinks so he can't get it even though the water level is low (about two inches). Anyone else got and ideas on how I can save this lovely fella, I am concerned about starving him too much. Thanks Dan
  12. I have three female and one male fighter in my community tank, all peaceful species, neons (orange,black,standard tetra) khuli loaches, corydoras, platies, two male and one female dwarf gourami, red tail shark, cherry shrimp, bristlenose, rummynose, guppies (endlers and fancies), Siamese algae eaters and danios. The only issue I have most is the shark staunching out the female dwarf gourami, one highfin platy male chashing another male platy constantly (he's been moved to another tank with only endlers) The only time the male fighter has been aggressive with anything else is when they come too near or are in his bubble nest, he just chases them away.
  13. My guess is food that has not been consumed and has become mouldy due to lower beneficial bacteria to break it down quickly
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