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  1. Thank you! 😊 So with that filter and the tank how many peacocks would you suggest for the tank. Some people are telling me 10L to a fish, others are saying 5L to a fish.... I haven't done cichlids before so I'd just like to double check everything first. Thanks.
  2. Sorry. 4x2x2. No filteration yet, we've just been given the tank today. What filter would be suggested?
  3. Hi! Just wondering how many africian cichlids would fit happily in a 4ft tank? Thank you! 😊
  4. We are wanting to do a planted tank with maybe Chinese algae suckers or small catfish types, and a couple of shrimp or smaller fish. We haven't done one before, any tips/suggestions? Will be in a 30Lish tank. Obviously not one with everything listed. What is the best type of plant for beginners? Any hints or tips you have would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. So the treatment I was sold by an aquarium person is blue planets "multi cure". For the treatment of white spot, velvet disease and fungal diseases. I took a couple of dead fish to the aquarium for them to look at (haha, rookie) and they said to rule out fungus first and sold me this. And when I cleaned the tank I refilled the tank with water out of the bigger tank that was already at temperature and been cycled. We haven't sprayed anything near the tank or anything of the above. I now only have 1 neon left, and the cories are still fine, eating, swimming etc, and so are the fish in the bigger tank that is beside this smaller tank. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all of these questions! 😄
  6. So before the neons die, they sort of just drift around in the tank, they will turn upside down, go vertical and just act like they can't control their movements. Also, it seems weird how they seem to be dying only one at a time? You would think that perhaps if it was a disease or something that they would all be dying around the same time? Also, the temperature in their tank is between 23-26 degrees, depending on how cold the room is. I also have 2 thermometers in every tank, just to double check! 😉 Going to the store tomorrow to get a water tester kit. Will the anti fungal treatment effect the ph and nitrate levels at all? Re-treating the tank. Also, how do I ensure the disease isn't carried over to other fish I may eventually put in that tank? Should I empty and let everything dry for a week or so? I've never had any infections or diseases before incase you can't tell! Crapping myself!!!
  7. Thank you for your reply! I have a bigger tank and those fish are completely fine and healthy so I don't think it's a water issue. If I wanted to put the Cory's into my healthy tank, what can I do to make sure they won't carry over this mystery disease? The Cory's aren't effected by this disease, so would it be like a scale infection of some sort? So confused!!!
  8. So I had 2 mollies, 3 albino Cory's, and 10 or so neons happily in a tank for months now. My husband wanted a mystery snail, so we got one. After being in 'quarantine' for a week and everything was fine, he was introduced into the tank. 3 days later, there's a dead neon. Ok, fair enough. But now, Everyday since, I have had at least 1 dead fish in the tank. I am now down to a stinkin snail, the 3 Cory's and 1 neon. I've done water changes, cleaned the filter, scrubbed the tank, cleaned the gravel. In between all of this, I went to the pet shop and they said it sounded like it was a fungus so they gave me some anti fungal additive, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but has a green dye. So I added it and the fish were still dying after treatment was complete. So I'm assuming it's not something fungal. There is no visible things on the fish that I can see. Anyway, my question is, what on earth could this snail have introduced into our tank?
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