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  1. Assuming they are in similar water parameters to their parents, try lifting the air stone and removing the air stone (bubbles straight from hose). I have use the same tumbler. Never had a drama with it. You want to simulate the movment the mother would make in her mouth. Look how high your eggs are bouncing. This is just my opinion and others may have conflicting opinions. Here is a pic of blue dolphin fry. I should also note whilst these fish were in the tumbler, they are connected to 12 other 2 ft tanks and a 600 ltr sump. Temp has been high, 30 for over a week, even got to 31.5. I also dosed with killverm (pig wormer) as a red ruben peacock had a parasite. Water quality is one of the biggest determining factors in my opinion but i believe in this instance you are tumbling to vigourous. This system has maximum O2 saturation and ph 8.4, kh 12, gh 14 and reqular water changes.
  2. I would consider aome fish too rare/expensive to let them just die and sterilise the tank.. just my opinion. I dosed the tank (1ml of 14g/L levamisole per 7 ltr) and the cat fish are still alive. I did do a search but could not find anything related to harm of bristlenose, maybe i didn't search for long enough.
  3. Big L (active ingredient Levamisole) I am about to use this active ingredient (different brand) but am unsure if it will harm bristlenose catfish. Can anyone provide info on this? @Donny@ageofaquariums - Whats your experience? Unsure why the fornts did that ^
  4. @mikie91au i know a teacher at a highschool that that said they could do it next time they killned. Sorry, probably not much help yto you.
  5. Gday, id suggest you search DIY planted substrate. heaps cheaper and i cant tell the difference between store bought vs DIY. make sure its the recipe with the granit rocks, peat moss and blood and bone
  6. Rub chilli on the cords. Thats another sure fix that will only cause temporary disomfort. Little dogs can get into too many small places lol
  7. That's a worry about the pup. We have this little terror chewing. Caught sniffing under one of the inside tanks. Get a squirt bottle and spray the dogs face every time is goes under the tank. That'll help deter it
  8. Do you find it clumps? I use pool filter sand in a 6ft display tank. Looks great, cleans easy and fish seem to like sifting it. Itsgradr 7C. I purchased this from poolpro. Surely that shop exists in QLD.
  9. Photo 1. Neat and tidy output with twin wall poly carbonate lids. Photo 2. Working overflow from K1 caldnes media (also significant airation from k1 barrel) Photo 3. Barrel overflowed (many mistakes occured on this project. Great learning experiences) Photo 4. Esky sump to better show product (@Grover65k) Photo 5. Water change system (this and the mech filteration easy of changing are my favorite parts of the system)
  10. I was very lucky and picked this up or about $60 off gumtree. These are originally used to cart either grapes or prawns (im sure they have cartrd other products as well). It can be picked up by forklift either side. Holds 600lts (will house some of my larger fish. Its basically a huge esky and has good insulating properties. I will upload another photo if it running later as i need to start putting the coral sand into tanks tonight.
  11. The epoxy i used is deks from reece plumbing. I think it cost $40+/- maybe used 1/3rd of the tins. It's really cool stuff. Worked so well. Did some quick research (finding the MSDS) to find out its specific properties and appropriateness to aquatic application. Checked out. And is inert so no chemical output or PH modification. Fairly sure i will get insulation batts for that area of the shed and put up a wall to reduce size of area. Its a 10m×10.5m shed so i will still have plenty of room.
  12. Recently purchased around $500 worth of fish from @none. Got them shipped to nearest town with fastway as i live rural (about 1hr away from fastway). Best packaging of live fish i have seen. All fish arrived in great condition. Great bunch of stock, good colours even in some of the younger fish. Purchased 10 display males (along with many other fish) all to the size or larger than advertised. One 10cm+ fish was probably 15cm. All fish went into the same 6ft community tank and are all doing well (alive). Will definitely be purchasing from again (with in the next few weeks actually).
  13. If you would ever sell and post the nigripinis please let me know. I would get rid of all my malawi in my display to start a tang tank with them lol
  14. Hi there,

    Any chance you still had and wanted to sell some steanocranus casuarius?


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    2. steve6610


      how many did you want, they will be $20 each plus shipping , 



    3. P4rker


      Hey sorry for the belated reply. I will have to house 20 -30 fish for 2 months for a friend so i wont have tank space until after christmas. I do still want the fish! can i contact  you again about them in the new year (or earlier if i can give them earlier).


    4. steve6610


      no worries, 

      let me know when but i can't promise i will still have them, 



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