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  1. wirings a mess and i still need to paint and install the "tank skirt shelf" ill call it and then the cabinet walls. The skirt goes on with 4 L brackets across the front and 2 on each side. The cabinet "doors" are just flat black 6mm ply with 1 central handle and held on to cabinet with magnets, side panels same deal.
  2. I did 3x32mm holes in tank, same as the "downflow box". Not sure how you feel in looks but i made a box on the inside aswell for surface skimming and wrapped it in black acrylic, otherwise you get to see that box from the display side as you cant pauint that part of the back of tank. Check out my pics in 4x2x2 reef in diy
  3. Figured i was long overdue for an update on whats been going on... Problem is not much.. this has all basically been over the last 24 hours. so ive painted the canopy and temporarily installed an aquaone mariglo 60cm led light that came with my nano tank so i can get a rough idea on the look of the system. Also collected a box caribsea reef rock (finally), so heres my first go at the aquascape... i have about 40% more on whats in there now in the nano already so its going to change a bit, but thats the general idea im going for; two mounds of rock with one slightly off centre and higher, need to have a play with it and make it more "cavey" and bring the higher off centre mound into an over hang toward middle of tank buttt doing so without taking away too much of the realestate for coral on top. Basically now im chasing the time to break down the tank upstairs in the dining room, move this one in to its place, move the nano downstairs temporarily and the dining room tank in to its place. So its a full day job just there, and ill probably need either the fresh water or nano livestock to live in a tub for a few days while i organise a NSW delivery, get the parameters up to scratch and move over the media.
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  5. Currency conversion factored in, why are we expected to pay up to $500 more for Neptune / ecotech products than the US?(more than 200% mark up in some cases). Dont retailers all source it from the same container load? Its not as if they're forking out specifically to order in an extra Apex classic 240v energy bar 6 direct from the US via the next plane just for me is it? Well, turns out a one-way flight from LAX is cheaper than the mark up we pay for a neptune controller, 2 ecotech pumps and a battery... worst part is that when they first came to Aus, they were $699aud... http://www.aquariumlife.com.au/showthread.php/54253-Neptune-Apex-AquaController-Starter-Kit-only-699-00-Pre-Order-now-for-November every single aquarium shop that has a website with listed product price( in Aus/ that I've found; and i did a fair dig) all has the same price range now of $1120-$1140.
  6. There was plenty of coral around the time I first noticed it, mostly softies. Hammers, torchs, acans, lobo, alveopora, zoas. Unlikely heater burn cos that lives in sump, unles I completely missed it during acclimation when I first got her and she already had it... maybe from the torchs? Thre were two right in front of her favourite spot
  7. Edit: Also have this little guy, not sure what type of goby?
  8. Anyone able to identify what this is? Is it ich? She (?) Is active, eats like a pig, is not overly aggressive or picked on other than guarding her sleeping spot. Im almost inclined to think its a natural (albeit defective) blemish? as She's Approx 7cm. Ph 8.2 Sg 1.025 Temp 27 Ammonia, nitrite 0 (api test kit) Nitrate 0 (nyos test kit) Phosphate 0.025 - 0.050 (nyos test kit) Dkh 8-8.5 (nyos test kit) Calc 480 api Tank mates are currently Occelaris clown Bangaii cardinal 2 ytb damsels Bi colour blenny Clean up crew 12 Hermits 3 strombus snails No other fish have any visible abnormalities on them and are all active eaters and friendly. Cardinal still stuborn getting on to flake /pellets. All coral has been removed and given to a mate as theyre about to be moved in to the big tank. Feed once a day with lobster eggs and once with either prime reef flakes or formula 1 marine small pellets. I run continuum highly activated carbon and npx pellets each in their own reactor, water is well skimmed with an over sized skimmer for tank size with rdc850 skimmer (aquaone 120L (in before tang police i have their new home built just waiting on water source)) I used haylcon reef salt, top offs with lfs bought Rodi, WC approx 15% fortnightly. (Seems almost pointless because i have no issues with water quality as far as i can test). Only a bit of algae im assuming due to having lights up too high and on for too long. Recently changed from having gfo in reactor and pellets hanging in a bag under tank outflow to-> removing gfo and pellets in reactor.. though the spots have been around for a while i just didnt notice because i had lights on a high blue setting.
  9. Can't wait to see this up and running.. good stuff mate
  10. Hey Sweefu, I've added a few more pics in for you. basically there 3 legs on each corner; the internal one is about 5mm from touching the ground and the same on the top side, it doesnt actually hold any weight. all the weight it on the two outer legs which are then screwed to the inner one. it doesn't look like these are going to be added in order again, so ill just a bulk info drop... canopy.... wasnt even 100% sure in the planning staged whether id go ahead with a canopy or not but ive made one anyway, hopefully you can see in the pics that the front door of it slides between the ply on the top and the bracing, this way i can have food, tools, anything i want on top of it while i fidget around inside the hood and dont have to deal with a hinged door in the way. i originally had a spare 3ft here for this, but i rested a 20k gym weight down on it a little faster than it could handle and all of a sudden i had a few spare panels for the new sump tank i was looking for... enter the sump tank.. 91x38x45 had a terrible little wooden stand and a tacky vinyl backing, was dirty as all hell but eh; and yeah its a little high but its just the right length, this means i was able to raise the water level a little bit more in the first chamber and now i've calculated i can hold an additional 54L during a power outage. vvvverrrry basic design: -------------------------------------- down flow from tank + skimmer ------------------ fuge? --------------- heaters / sponge ------------------ return pump / reactor pumps ------------------------------------- drains and skimmer in the same section, no socks, small powerhead to keep it clean. if i do a fuge, which i think id like to ill have a relatively shallow 2-5cm sand or miracle mud with a few bits of broken live rock +chaeto last section section will house pumps for reactors with flow back to fuge area, pump for chiller with flow in to tank. if i dont go ahead with the fuge; i have a few spare 5-6w pumps laying around so ill just add one to each sump section to blast the detritus around until the skimmer eats it.. down-flow plumbing all glued up, siphon tested using ball valve and works fine, just takes a steady hand and patience.. also, bunnings ran out of the 32mm unions so i went ahead with a repair coupling.. thoughts?
  11. Hey all im looking at getting a battery backup for jebao wave makers, looks like the only option is the coralbox powercell? And the only place i can find that is on fish-street. Has anyone used either the backup or the online supplier? Or is there actually another option in the market? (Ecotech price boycotting)
  12. wow, its been a while since I've added anything to this so here we go... (I'm just going to drop all the pics at the end of the post) Plumbing... I wasn't able to go ahead with the "coast to coast" overflow, I did give it a good go building an internal overflow for it out of bunnings acrylic and Dow corning 999a, I did the injection method and then a bead over it again on the inside but after 3 days of letting it set, I could still simply pull it apart without much effort. so I just went ahead and started using glass. I figured I could cut acrylic and wrap it up. External drain box is just plain glass, and the small patch (not sure if you can see it in photo 10 ) that's not painted on the back of the tank will be hidden with the "hood". the drain box is slightly wider than 2 squares of egg crate at about 34cm and 1 square deep/long, its going to be zip tied together with another 2 pieces on top to completely enclose the overflow. drainage box is slightly smaller than the internal overflow and has (almost everything) set up in it. full siphon, durso, emergency. full siphon - union - gate valve - silicone hose - mechanical in sump durso - union - ball valve - silicone hose - mechanical in sump emergency - union - ball valve - hard pipe - skimmer / fuge section silicone hoses slides tightly over the fittings for 25mm pipe; hose is 1" internal diameter, which is then clamped on with steel hose clamp The stand.... So its very much built like the King Of DIY style. Painted with low sheen exterior self priming black paint. (whoever invented the paint roller obviously hated painting; it made it almost bearable to do the 4 coats...) and its made from 90x45 structural pine with a 15mm marine ply sheet on top. i haven't put any cross sections on the bottom of the stand as i haven't settles on a sump yet and don't know dimensions.. i may just put down a double layer of marine ply on the floor, the foam and put the sump like that; it will give me heaps of space underneath. the bottom lip of the tank and top half of the stand cross bar will be wrapped in the "floating shelf" and all sides and front of stand will have a thin walled removable panel held on with either Velcro or magnets. the tank... only thing really done to the tank other than the overflow parts is cleaning it down, i used a razor on all the glass and the minor marks it had on it (mostly from me letting water from drilling it dry) all came off incredibly easy. than I painted the back... stupidly I spray painted it on a night it was about -5 so by the time i checked it in the morning it had all cracked and shriveled, so i got out the roller and painted it again and its left an amazing almost leather texture on the back of it. looking for help! I'm having a lot of trouble finding plumbing parts... http://www.marine-sources.com/product-detail/bulk-head/ or as close to exactly that in Brisbane.. 32mm hole. and a plastic gate valve
  13. On the topic of collecting nsw, where would you recommend on south side liquidg? Or do you know of a trusted nsw carrier that will collect and deliver 800L? Im in annerley
  14. I got 3x 20L jerry cans to do my water originally, 2 white and 1 blue so i can easily explain to a family member if i need them to do some fresh water evaporation top ups while im away. I have the same kit aquaone120l will be retiring it to a quarantine tank when my next project is finished so if you break something chase me down
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