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  1. Did you put special in quotation marks to indicate that the price was not indicative of an actual special, or that since there was no stock, there was no special to be had?
  2. Sweet. Thanks for your replies. I think my decision has been made for me
  3. they make for very expensive live food! I know that some breeders will cull unwanted shrimp by feeding them as live food, but you'd need a lot of shrimp to have a stable supply... (I think)
  4. So I'm about to buy a used filter, and I'm considering getting either an aquavital avc 1000, or an Ehiem 2213. (They will both cost the same). I haven't seen too many reviews around the internet for the aquavital, buy Ehiem is a pretty reputable brand. Which filter would you guys recommend, and is there anything else that I should bear in mind? Thanks for your help
  5. How much light do your plants get? They look pretty shaded, but that might just be the time of day? Nevertheless, it's looking good!
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