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  1. hey guys just wondering if anyone has used volcanic rock in their sumps before? i know it was commonly used before, i have just seen bags of it cheap at bunnings and was thinking of doing a bed of it in my new sump.
  2. hey guys its crazy what a few hours can do, put him on his own, looking a million times better, his own tank and a bit of salt was all he needs by the look of it, now to get him to fatten up a bit
  3. nah separated him now, yeah was with all the thers, ill fix him up and keep him, def a one tank fish from now on in,
  4. yeah had him for a long time, he has been in with peacock bass and saratoga, there has been no problem up untill last week, he has been in aquariums since 6cms, now he is about 45cms
  5. hey guys i have a nice big jack, had him form 4 months now, and just lately last few days he hasnt been eating and turning real blotchy white and silver color sulking around the bottom, all the other fish are looking great, first jack i have ever owned just dont know much about them to be honest,
  6. hey guys be needing a hand to lift a big tank in a few weeks, got a few lads might just need a couple more, will be a local move and will pay in beer and laughs, from maroochdore to kawana, not far to move the tank but is a 7/2/2.6, I am chasing a ute aswell if you got one, will pay for your petrol etc, private message or post on here, tia jamie
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  8. gday mate and welcome to the site. very helpful bunch of guys and girls here
  9. oh and no they arent all going in the same tank. lol
  10. haha, just 10 pbass, couple of sailfins, common's, red devils and blue dolphins, will get some pics, just waiting to transfer to the bigger tank this weekend
  11. got my fish today shipped from brisbane to rocky, no fuss and easy to deal with these 2 guys, thanks for the quality fish and no hassle transaction, i highly recommend both guys for any fish or shipping needs.
  12. mate you got some nice fish, keep up the good work,
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