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  1. I was wondering if anyone has used anything like this in their tanks? https://www.bunnings.com.au/un-real-50-x-50cm-artificial-hedge-tile-pittosporum_p2941734 I'm stumped on Christmas ideas for my husband and he's been talking about using something like this as a floor for his tank. I'm just unsure about toxicity from the glue and plastics.
  2. Yes I know they are supposed to be placid in comparison to other cichlids. That is why we chose them for our tank and that is exactly how they were. Before their faux mating started. I'll start to appreciate them when they're not tearing my other fish to shreds I'm sure.
  3. Oh. Feck. I really like them too. But they've really taken a nasty bite out of one of the other fish today so it looks like I'll have to move one one. Thanks for the help Aquaholic
  4. Thanks guys. Great idea with the backing DeBree, thanks Just to clarify, the egss hatched, we had wrigglers and they were what got eaten. But we'll give them a few more tries and see if they get the hang out of it. As for the two males who think they are breeding, surely that's not normal behaviour? They've decided an entire 4 ft x 2ft tank is their territory and are physcially injuring any fish that come too close to whatever random spot they've chosen is theirs at that moment and that's been happening for 4-5 weeks. We've read that Blue Acara's are quite peaceful unless they're mating, but I didn't take fake mating into account. Is that really normal? If it is I might have to give one away and hope they other settles.
  5. So I have two male Blue Acara's in our main tank who are trying to mate/breed. They're digging holes, they've coloured up, they've become super territorial, they keep shimmying at each other etc. But nothing happens of course. We thought they'd eventually work it all out and settle down but they've now been terrorising the tank trying to protect their non-existant eggs for weeks. Any ideas on how we can settle them down? And in another tank I have a pair of actual breeding Blue Acaras who laid eggs this week and I was super excited to see my first ever wrigglers a couple of days later, only to discover this morning that they've eaten them all Any tips for preventing that?
  6. I'd be happy to do that. If you want to put your questions here I'll send an email and share the response
  7. It may have had a miniscule effect on the PH but I don't think so. We don't adjust our PH, it's just what comes out of the tap which is usually around 7.4. In the picture below the two center vials our from an established tank with a Hydra filter and the two on the outside are from the tap. As you can see the colours have a slight difference, if anything a little lower. But from what I've read the PH naturally changes once the water is out of the tap and exposed to different environments anyway? Is that right?
  8. So glad I checked back in on this post today xo I really do wish I knew more on the science behind them but there's not a massive amount of information to be found. However, the guy who actually designed them Qian Hu? explained that depending on the ammounts of Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates in the system it either neutralises or eliminates so if the tank has a very high percentage of ammonia it may need to pass over the plates a couple of times before it eliminates it completely and that is where you may find that readings show on a test kit. It musn't zap every single thing though because the tanks sit at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and about 5 nitrates. As I said in my initial post, but probably not clearly enough, we have a fully cycled filter ready to go in case we ever need to medicate. So that filter is just loaded with ceramic stuff and it lives in our main tank with a Hydra for company. Then we have a live bearer tank which is filtered on Hydra only but as of today has some sponge filters for fry to feed off. Then another tank which has the Hydra and some cichlids and if they ever need to be medicated then we have options. I have seen people say they've medicated tanks with Cupramine and left the Hydra in and it was fine but it does specifially say to remove it and it does contain a form of carbon in one of the sections inside it so if I personally had to do it I would be removing it. That main tank is where we saw some off the chart water parameters after our gravel debacle but at that stage it was just the Hydra fliter on it's own and we were so concerned but all fish were eating, no odd behaviours, no gasping, no red gills, they were happily going about their business. One of these tanks is planted, they hydra only guppy tank, and the plants are going great. But they are elodia, anubis, blue stricta and java fern so I don't know how more sensitive plants would go. When I was researching I did see someone say that they believed the Hydra was capable of producing high or higher levels of C02 but he didn't back it up with anything and he was the only person I saw mention it so no idea if that is accurate or how that may work. In relation to what would happen if we had a power outage I don't know because it hasn't happened yet but we don't have overstocked tanks and we have battery operated air pumps so we'd just do that and see how we go. If that failed abysmally and the fish looked sick I'd kidnap my sister's generator Delapool if my memory serves me right it converts ammonia to N2? The answer is somewhere in this thread if you want to take a look http://www.arofanatics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=514288 Cam, I think that whether they are used with or instead of another filter is personal preference. For us both ways work. I wouldn't do them with no other filter in the house at all just in case of needing to medicate or something. Anway, I'm really sorry for the drama in this post but I'm really happy that it started a discussion on what I think is really a great product. I'm all for advancements and progress but I do understand the scepticism, it sounds too good to be true. But from my perspective they're awesome. I'll be super keen to hear everyone else's experiences over time too just in case there are any glitches we haven't come across yet.
  9. Of course you're entitled to your opinions. But you don't basically accuse people of being bad fishkeepers or rookies who can't be assed doing research, based on those opinions. Isn't that doing something without knowing all the facts? What you basically accused me of?
  10. They are an alternative to cycling. I did my research before I did it. I didn't just randomly decide to sacrifice a few fish.
  11. Actually you know what. It doesn't matter. I posted this because when I was looking for information on these filters there were so many judgemental posts and very few from people who had actually trialled them and then posted about it. I thought this forum may be different, I was wrong. I'll have post removed.
  12. Actually I should have commented on the fact that tank maintenance remains exactly the same. You still have to do your regular water changes, gravel cleans, conditioning etc. And if I felt that ALL it had were big claims then I wouldn't have tried it. I have other tanks here so worse case scenario would have been the fish looked unwell, move them.
  13. That's okay, you are both completely welcome to your opinions. I'm not an experienced fishkeeper by any stretch of the imagination, but I know enough to know when my fish are happy and well, and they are.
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