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  1. Im setting up a new small tank and Im looking for some easy plants such as: Moss Anubias petite S.Repens I'm also looking for aquascape rocks like Seiryu or dragon stones and possibly small driftwood pieces. The tech den does not ship their stones unfortunately and its too far for me. If anyone can help me out with these, id be very grateful!
  2. LF Water Lettuce

    Oh, i was unaware of this! Might have to look into alternatives then! Thanks for the info JB!
  3. LF Water Lettuce

    Hey guys, im after some water lettuce for my pond. Does anyone have any for sale or can point me to the right direction to buy some? Thanks in advance!
  4. Looking for a shallow tank

    Can you text me pics at 0452221810 please?
  5. Looking for a shallow tank

    I was thinking something along the lines of a 2ft long tank about 30-40cm deep? Im sorry if im being vague, ive only seen them on youtube and really wanted one
  6. Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has a shallow tank for sale or knows where i can buy one? Im not after a gigantic one either, just a smaller shallow water tank for freshwater. Thanks in advance!
  7. Wanting to start saltwater nano tank

    I have been to PetCity and they are amazing but it is just too far of a commute for me. I will look into Atlas though, it seems nearer. If anyone knows anything nearer please let me know as well. Appreciate it @gingerbeer
  8. Hello everyone, I have decided to make my saltwater dream come true. I have a fluval edge 46L and wants to convert it to saltwater soon. I live in the Fortitude Valley/New Farm area but my apartment is very small and I do not have space for a RODI unit in this rental. I was wondering if there are any reefers around the area that will sell me saltwater or RODI water? I have always wanted a saltwater tank and the water source is what's holding me back. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot everyone. Much love.
  9. Hi guys, I recently was given a free 25L tank and I was wanting to start a nano-setup for freshwater fish. However, I have found out i will need about only 1.5kg of substrate/gravel and the shops i've been to only sell upwards of 5kg. Also, i was wanting some rocks and driftwood if possible but nothing is small enough to be in that little tank. I was wondering if a member here could help me out as Im fairly new to Brisbane and doesn't own a car yet to travel far places. I live in Spring Hill and was wondering if there are any good aquarium shops around? Thank you very much. P.S: If anyone got spare substrate/gravel or small rocks and driftwood to sell, I would be happy to buy them off you too. Thank you very much QLDAF.
  10. I have this stunning boy for sale. I can no longer keep him due to space issues in the apartment. He is from a thailand betta farm and is a quality fish. Bought from Jodi's auction for way more than the selling price. Please give him a nice home. Thank you! Photos were too large to upload so here is my Gumtree ad, please check the photos there guys. Super Red Halfmoon Betta (Show Quality) | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Spring Hill | 1088921835
  11. Its Betta frys and until now they are living on Microworms. I have bought frozen BBS today and I'll try feeding it to them. Thanks for the comments but I do not have space in my room for that and I live in an apartment thats why.
  12. Hi guys, I have no time to hatch BBS to feed my fry and id really love to feed them some. Does anyone here have some that I could feed my frys? Please, comment or PM me with a price, Im happy to pay a good amount. Thanks guys!
  13. Thank you so much! I just sent you a message!
  14. Hello, My betta fish are embracing and I have started the cultures but today my dog knocked it all over and its gone. Everything is gone and they are hatching in two days, can somebody please please please sell me or direct me where to get already grown microworm cultures? PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU SO MUCH QLDAF!
  15. Hello, I am in Brisbane City and I want to buy Microworm cultures or anything for betta fry food. Can anyone help me out please? Thank you so much! EDIT: I have them cultured already but my dog knocked them over and my culture is GONE! The bettas have embraced and have eggs. I need help please thank you so much!!