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  1. Do we have an update on this yet? I need me some new filters, and was spewing when I didn't get an email on this deal :]
  2. Thanks for getting back to me! Wasn't expecting it haha. Subscape is an excellent aquarium, been there many times! Little pricey though. Will definitely have to go to upmarket!
  3. Sorry to bump this thread up, but I'm curious as to where this mysterious underground aquarium is in Melbourne? Google tells me nothing!
  4. Mine took about a month to sink but it was while i was cycling the tank so it didnt matter. Just be patient and weigh it down.
  5. The link to the pic is underneath it, the article says that it occured naturally so its probably the only long fin clown out there unfortunately. Clown loaches are being bred artificially now so maybe in the next few years we'll see the longfin varieties pop up.
  6. If you ever find one i'll trade you the BIG paw paw tree for it :laugh:
  7. OMG I WANNNNNNT ITTTTT! Just had to share with you all. :laugh: http://www.loaches.com/articles/clown-l ... al-finnage
  8. Yeah i know all about husbandry for these little guys, I already own a few carnivorous/agressive fish and im about to free up a tank so i thought a bichir would be a good option. Quasimodo- Im not too interested in the senegals unless theyre albino. But a rough idea on prices and size for the others would be great. Just Pm me when your free, im not in a hurry. Thanks
  9. Hey guys. My brother has decided to by me a bichir for my birthday (aint he nice) and so im just trying to get a feel for what types are the most common around here. Eg senegal, endlicheri, delhezi, ornate, etc. Cheers
  10. This is Sally, my little 8 month old darling. RTCs really are an awesome fish, but they need alot of space, fast! Mines grown about 20 cms in 14 weeks, and is not slowing down.
  11. Woo hoo!! Thank you guys, I knew you'd be able to help me out. Its kinda embarrassing telling people i dont know what they are :urgh:
  12. Can someone please help me out? Fish one: Fish two: Fish three: Fish four: (Sorry bout the crappy pics, iphone is all ive got)
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