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  1. It's hard to argue how good a white fish is against a black background! Can't wait for this baby to grow into a deeper body and longer fins. Such a pretty and underrated fishy. Looks great in the living room!
  2. Still waiting to get a good pic of the other 3 fishies out of quarantine, but here is the very pretty red-cap Oranda. The colours really pop on a black background! The tank deco is still a bit sad, I'm just waiting on some glass vases to arrange and plant up (for all of 5 minutes while the goldfish determinedly try to eat it I"m sure). Still just tiles, background, and a few fake plants for now for Goldie comfort. In terms of equipment, I'm cheap. I've had Eheim canisters/heaters previously but I'm sticking to budget stuff this time round to see how we go and potentially save some moolah. Age of Aquariums is my LFS and where I grab all of my stuff generally and they're great info givers for an amateur like me 5x2x2 tank Filtration 1 x internal 1500l/h and 1 x petworx 2200l/h external canister with UV
  3. I found some black tiles, but not black-black gloss purely because of cost, and I'll be putting in a handful of features for decoration so it won't be too much of an issue. Just waiting on my canister filter from Age of Aquariums to come in next week, then we can start the cycle Also purchased some baby Ryukins, and a 9cm red cap Oranda yesterday and have them in treated quarantine tubs where they will stay the next 4-6 weeks for them to prove they won't be taking any nasties into the tank, and it will also depend on how long it takes my tank to cycle. With a bit of filter from another small tank to kick start the system I'm hoping for just a few weeks as opposed to a month or more.
  4. I am not a DIY kinda person but I've always wanted a black-backed, tiled tank. Soooo I'm finally jumping in and doing it. It's going to be boring for many, but it's going to be a fancy goldfish display tank in my living room 5x2x2 dimensions. It was in pretty terrible condition since it's been sitting empty for about 6 months as I wait for inspiration to hit after a dropsy outbreak killed all of my beautiful babies. Worst aquarium nightmare I've been through so I was in no rush to setup again. Here's the finished painted background (acrylic, 5 coats) and cleaned glass. Next step is tiles and fill, ready to cycle. I'm pretty impressed with how it has come out so far.
  5. Nevermind. I think it shall be going straight into the bin! Scary plant.
  6. Hey guys, in the process of setting up a planted tank. A friend of mine has an outside pond with a few goldies, this stuff is growing rampant in it and the goldies seem to love it. Single leaves are about 1cm across, for size. Anyone know what it is, whether it should be in an indoor planted tank, and what to do with it? I don't know enough about water plants I'm afraid. Halp! Educate!
  7. I don't mind your tank to be honest. I just want something that looks relatively okay and planted densely - not necessarily the best. I have had relatively empty tanks with African cichlids and Oscars, who won't tolerate plants (or for Oscars, anything really) so want something different. As I said, I too am experimenting. May be a complete failure, but I would love to have a go while I have the time/inclination to. My goldies are fancies - much slower, less agile, and not quite as ferocious as the single-tail variety. Very well filtered Again - your plants don't look too bad off!
  8. Lots of duckweed it is. I now have an aquascaping question. How the hell, other than a ton of rocks, can you get your substrate to stay where you want it to without falling flat? That is my next dilemma! This is definitely not the same as my little nano scale that magically just did what I wanted Hmmm editing this. Scrap it. Height seems annoying to fix so will plant it out. Going back to the moss wall idea instead. Going back again to do some problem solving about how I can do this easily!
  9. Along with my sad little Ranchu and fantail, I will probably only get 4-5 more. Goldies are too dirty and too big - I like for them to have space. I will probably finish cleaning today, and pick some substrate/driftwood/initial plant supplies, and keep the 2 goldies in the QT tank another few weeks. They're pretty small, only around 7ish cm as I got them as juvies so hopefully they won't be as destructive. I can just keep them for a few months until the plants really grow in, and experiment with the kind of plants they want to eat. Fingers crossed.
  10. Be gentle guys. I have kept Cichlids (African and S. American) for years prior to moving into my new place where I began fresh with Fancy goldies, but never had a planted tank prior to my little nano I started in February. I'm not as super genius as a lot of you, so I am happy to take on board any advice! Yes, yes, I know. Gold fish eat all plants. I am hoping to dispute the odds, so I am doing up my 5x2x2 tank...planted. Which is something I have never done before, and I am starting from scratch (cycled but nothing else) with everything from plants, layout and whatever else! So please be kind and feel free to speak in baby terms to me about plants and lighting - I don't want C02 at this point. Fish, water parameters, filtration I can do...but plants are new! Watch this space and I will be updating with this whole new experiment! Here is the blank canvas, and the new LED light testing to check all diodes. Tomorrow the real work begins with a final wipe down, and purchasing of some scaping supplies.
  11. I agree with Isa. Think about where it's going to be in the house and what suits. Ultimately I ended up doing my cabinet a blue-grey gloss to suit my cool-coloured white/grey/silver finished house. A lot of glossy surfaces so it fits in. Being a lighter colour also means the full focus is on my tank Go with whatever aesthetically pleases you!
  12. Thanks for the info - it cn sometimes be difficult to find goldie info online that is more than the absolute basic. I think he is pretty even if not a typical beauty. Your broadtails look amazing! (From somebody who knows little about gf standards... but appreciates the pretties and time put into them!)
  13. Hey Netty - This is a little off topic, but as you are a bit of a moor expert I thought I would ask. I posted a pic in the thread here: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/goldfish-koi-46/black-moor-but-not-125908/ Let me be clear: I don't know GF standards, I just have 6 of them as pets and nothing more...so they are pretty to me. But out of curiosity, is it usual to see a moor with a completely joined tail like this, or just an odd breeding? (it's the only thing special about him, otherwise just a plain black moor)
  14. Hey Bazz - that looks awesome, but just a tad big for what I am looking for. I am hoping to have around the 25l size tank just due to size where I plan to keep it. So only about the 1ft mark.
  15. Hey guys I am looking to set up a little freshwater nano tank. While I have kept large tanks, I don't have much experience with this popular nano tank think but I like it! Previously I've not kept plants, but would like to try in a nano tank...less expensive if I kill them all. I don't want to use co2 Long story short: Not new to fish keeping, want to try a planted nano tank but never had a small tank or fishy plants. Halp! Suggestions!
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