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  1. You can make an offer, there is two bit s of anubus (sorry about my spelling), I think above 30 for the one in drift wood and 20 for the one on the rock/drift wood. 

    1. peter m

      peter m

      I am in Newcastle at the moment, will be home later in the week and will contact you

  2. Thanks for that reply and advice, what is the air pump in the first pic, where could I buy one for 50$ is it?
  3. I already threw out the warranty. Ok so despite the high price I thought I'd buy an 100 eheim air pump for the promise of a quiet air pump. After about 8 months the outlet was half of what it was so I took it apart today to see if I could see the trouble. Put it back together and blasted thing is a jack hammer and hardly works. My advice to people is don't buy ehiem air pumps. Is this well known?
  4. Hi guys. I was just thinking of business I could do; I could try this as an extra do my 9-5. What sort of qualification would someone require to look after people's fish. I'm am sure I would'nt know enough
  5. My friend says people are always should on themselves
  6. Clean it. it's better for everything, the filter and the fish. you want to preserve your motor. Just don't wash it all out, the media.
  7. Remember to breathe, is it just me or is summer a stressful time for aqua thumbs?
  8. Sounds cool, yellows and peacocks right? also can you put anubus you know that plant that I can't spell?
  9. Hey guys just wondering what the best African cichlid for a beginners set up would be. I mean I haven't kept them before. Plan to start a 4 foot tank already running, so have to learn how to change the ph Thanks
  10. Dose anyone know if yoyo loaches eat aquarium plant roots?
  11. Hi people, I have a snail problem and just read about assassin snails, does anyone know where i can get some?
  12. Does anyone else out there seem to cycle between keeping cichlids and tropicals? I've got tropicals now and feeling like I want an oscar or red devil back. There more like pets
  13. I got given a aqua world AW 0-4 air pump and it's quieter than the ehiem 100 I bought for too much.
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