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  1. American cichlids

    Do you breed pure black belts?
  2. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Yea she'd certainly be a battle starting out with a ph that low. If yA don't mind me askin, how are you managing that? Buffering it in an ageing barrel or something? Would one of those c02 ph controller set ups be of use? Never delved into that sorta stuff personally.
  3. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Lovin how it looks now mate yous have done very well. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dyin to see all those sexy plates cruising around in that lovely tank lol
  4. Unfortunately it does look like the start of hith. 30% changes is no where near enough for 10 big messy American cichlids in a 500 litre tank. I'd be upping it to 70-80% water changes per week.
  5. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Lookin bloody sensational dude love it. Banana lillies and Anubis gotta be the best lookin plants out I reckon hey. The plates are gonna love that awesome cover. Hopin the next 4 weeks goes nice n quick for ya to get em all in haha.
  6. Escondido texas breeding project

    Beautiful Texas mate. They are stunning, have ya still got the original pair?
  7. Thanks also Haydenrex and tdj5 for the replies also. Much appreciated.
  8. Haha that makes me feel a lot more confident thanks mate. Make sure you let us know how the 2500 litre set up goes down lol. Sounds likes you've got a pretty cruisy landlord lol
  9. Thanks for the swift reply Sarah, I'd actually noticed from rays vids that you guys fish room area is tiled which prob helps a lot. We are also looking for something mainly tiled. Happy to hear yous are buying the place, judging by all the videos you guys are in a beautiful part of the world there. Cheers
  10. Hey guys, just wanting to hear from fish keepers who are currently living in rental properties with lots of tanks and large tanks of 6 feet and over. Just wondering how this usually goes down with landlords and real estate agents when rather large bodies of water get set up in they're properties? would love to hear stories and opinions as we are shifting places soon and I'm dying to get my 6x2 back up and running(has been sitting in a storage facility for some time) as well as something quite larger down the track and possibly a breeding rack. Just wondering how it may go down. Obviously thre is insurance etc to possibly safe guard against accidents and disasters. Curious to hear about other renters experiences and land lords opinions. Unfortunately buying is not really an option at the moment. Cheers in advance.
  11. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Looks bloody amazing mate. Lovin the shape and arrangement of the driftwood, nice n natural. Gonna be crazy with the entire group in there once QT is done. Btw lovin the couch set in front of the 12 tank system lol. Will be way better than any TV when fully set up.
  12. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Awesome mate cheers. Lookin forward to it. I'll probably end up askin ya a shitload of questions about it too hahaha. Just warning ya
  13. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Lookin forward to seeing these systems fully set up mate. Are ya still gonna do a video on drilling tanks?
  14. perhaps a discus tank you say

    That sounds bloody awesome. Will be a great experience no doubt.
  15. What to do

    Lookin at your fs post it's a silver shark. Have never tried them with Africans cichlids but I've had em work well with Americans in the past. Someone else on here will be able to confirm if they can work with Malawis. I imagine they will be fine.