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  1. perhaps a discus tank you say

    That sounds bloody awesome. Will be a great experience no doubt.
  2. What to do

    Lookin at your fs post it's a silver shark. Have never tried them with Africans cichlids but I've had em work well with Americans in the past. Someone else on here will be able to confirm if they can work with Malawis. I imagine they will be fine.
  3. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Nice, colours are lookin great on the 5 newbies. Looks like they've settled in nicely.
  4. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Haha gotta watch out for them shady characters lol. Good to hear you got someone checking up on em for ya. Yea I'm down the bottom here in shitty little Adelaide so don't tend to see a huge amount of nice fish getting around the traps. Got couple of decent discus breeders here tho. A lot of the shop stock here ain't the best. Really Enjoy seein well shaped plates like yours
  5. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Yea I'd be stoked with them too mate. Good to see some quality discus getting around as there's a hell of alotta poo specimens out there these days. Is someone gonna be lookin after them for yas while your in the US of A?
  6. perhaps a discus tank you say

    They are effin beautiful mate, will be amazing seein em altogether once out of quarantine. Really lookin forward to it. Good work
  7. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Hahahaha didn't even realise how that post sounded until you pointed it out. Probably could have chosen my wording a little better now that I think of it. Thanks for makin me look n sound like a Deevo hahaha comedy.
  8. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Awesome can't wait to see the new scape n fish. Tippin it's gonna look sensational. Pretty jealous about them racks too, could def have some fun with those.
  9. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Are all 8 of the new fellas going to end up in the big display tank too? Set up is goin to look amazing with all them beauty's cruising around. Can't wait to see the new arrivals.
  10. Good to hear you didn't split the group as I hold grave fears for your other pair after seeing last night who purchased them. I sincerely hope that bloke has upped his game and changed his practises after I last purchased fish from him in 2015. Not meaning to alarm you or anything I've just seen some pretty terrible stuff goin on in his fish room and received fish in really bad shape. Would hate to see such a lovely vulnerable pair lost.
  11. Did you end up sending a pair from this group to Adelaide? Noticed someone here has a largish pair now that came from brizzy apparently.
  12. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    My mate was running a pretty much fish only specialty store and had all the awesome rare stuff that no other shops here in Adelaide tend to be able to get hold of. This was easily the best shop around in terms of fish variety and didn't have a huge amount of tanks by any stretch of the imagination. Yet the electricity bills were coming in between 5 and $6000 per quarter and this was running a very modern system with sumped racks and led lighting in attempt to cut down on running costs. In the 2 years he had the shop running he was noticing more and more people getting out of the hobby due to they're tanks adding too much to the household electricity bills. In the end he had to shut down due to this also. And this was before the 18% price rise come into effect a month ago. It's an absolute joke and before long I can see fishkeeping being only a rich persons luxury if things keep going the way they are.
  13. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    It's definitely the criminally insane electricity and water pricing here in aus. What once was a very affordable hobby for lower income earners is becoming near on impossible when ure receiving $1000-1500 electricity bills just to run a few tanks. Prices on everything are seeming to skyrocket except wages.
  14. Current Hybrid Status

    I've never been able to get keen on the whole flowerhorn thing. Just think pure, true cichlids look so much better. Although I really do like the look of some of those Thai silk FHs, prob the only type id ever consider keeping. Even then I'd prob just give it a miss and dedicate the tank space to something pure lol. Too many awesome Americans out there that need more of our attention.
  15. Protomelas Spilonatus Colony

    Haha aglea, yea no worries. Glad I could help