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  1. I was in Exy this time last year for a fishin trip and the aquarium was up and running with plenty of fish and marine life. It looks pretty awesome.
  2. Lol that SPLOSHT international place is literally 100 metres from my house.
  3. Love how clear the billabong is looking these days. Good work mate
  4. That’s awesome mate, really looking forward to seeing the new inhabitants. What sort of cycling method do you guys use to get these tanks ready?
  5. Beautiful lookin tank guys. Don’t go much on the salty shit tho(jokes). Hurry up n get something into that 6x3 hahahaha can’t wait to see some ray( of the stinging variety) action
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  7. Too hurry up and move house so I can get my 6x2 up and running lol. And a new rivulatus as I had to euthanise mine last weekend unfortunately, just couldn't manage to cure his parasite issues and couldn't handle seeing him deteriorate any longer.
  8. All good mate no rush. The tank sounds pretty hectic ATM. Fish must be happy if they're all pairing off. Would be interesting to see what sorta coloured fish some of those combinations would create.
  9. I shouldn't whinge tho cos when works flat out I'm makin more money. Just no time for all the fun shit haha
  10. I Been flat out at work too mate, sucks hey?. Drill that little heart out my friend haha, can't wait.
  11. Yea she'd certainly be a battle starting out with a ph that low. If yA don't mind me askin, how are you managing that? Buffering it in an ageing barrel or something? Would one of those c02 ph controller set ups be of use? Never delved into that sorta stuff personally.
  12. Lovin how it looks now mate yous have done very well. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dyin to see all those sexy plates cruising around in that lovely tank lol
  13. Unfortunately it does look like the start of hith. 30% changes is no where near enough for 10 big messy American cichlids in a 500 litre tank. I'd be upping it to 70-80% water changes per week.
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