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  1. Yeah I did, from one here in sydney called Nano Tanks Australia
  2. For anyone who's interested, I've done a fair bit of googling and i think he is a Gastromyzon ocellatus (type of borneo sucker). Most pictures show them with a bit of colour/red in their tails and the stripped pattern on their backs http://elite-pets.narod.ru/fish_br325.htm
  3. These last two photos are of moss I found a week ago and has only been submerged for a few days.
  4. Hey guys A few weeks ago I picked up some small samples of moss (or moss-like plants) from a creek that runs through the back of my parents place. They have been submerged for 3 weeks and seem to be going strong. Anyone got any ID ideas? Ive got some pictures but they ant the best as i don't own a macro lens The 4th and 5th photo are the same moss. It's really small in terms of its structure. Who else has used moss they have found? Cheers, Sophie
  5. Thanks, have only seen the spotted and the reticulated ones before. Hopefully I can find a few more the same so he can have some mates!
  6. Hey guys Picked up this little fella the other day. He was in a tank with some other hillstreams but they were all Spotted Sewellias. He was the smallest out of the lot. Just wondering if anyone else has one that looks like him? Thought maybe his pattern was due to him being smaller/younger and perhaps he would go completely spotted like the rest? Cheers, Sophie
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