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  1. Hey everyone, My name is Caleb, and I am 25 years old. I personally have taken a love to aquascaping and easily ran out of room in my apartment. I live in the Brisbane CBD and I'm interested in helping others in the hobby. This can be from: - Aquascaping display tanks from the ground up - Supplying plants/livestock - Maintenance - to simple wisdom on algae/plant growth I've acquired from others and experience over time. Simply put, if I could grow gills and swim in aquariums, I would. Every day I just want to talk about the hobby. The tanks I have created personally in the attached image are 1 + 5 (left to right) and I would love to attempt to replicate/create some world class scapes. We can all dream big, and we can take that journey together. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks, Caleb P.S. Please contact me if this is breaching any forum rules (mods)
  2. I failed to update this post, but here it is over a year later.
  3. Let's talk plants and Livestock! Plants: - Willow + Flame Moss from Rebel - Spikey Moss - Christmas Moss - Java Moss - HC (carpeting) - Echinodorus Bleheri - Anubias nana Petite (3x Pieces super-glued to wood) - Staurogyne repens (Middle) - Mini Pellia (5x Pieces super-glued on wood) - Tonina fluviatilis (Sump Only) - I need a nice stem plant for the back... I'm thinking Rotala Indica LiveStock: Clean up Crew: - 8 Ottos - 3 Siamese Algae Eaters - 20+ Amano Shrimp Show Fish: - 3x Pairs of Apisto Cacatuoides - 2x Pairs of German Dwarf Rams - 10x Dwarf Coreys - 8x Celestial Pearl Danio WILL NOT ALL BE ADDED AT ONCE
  4. Hello QAF peeps, I've decided to merge my threads into a journal on my 5ft cade with 4ft sump. A lot of planning has gone into this and I've only been into this hobby ~6months. I will list off the features of the tank and then bomb the thread with pictures. Haha Project Includes: Basic: - 5ft 'Aquatic Style' CADE Rimless Tank (predrilled from Gumtree) - 4ft Reef ready sump with minimal baffles (refugium) Hardscape: - 4x Bags of ADA Amazonia - 1x Bag of ADA Amazonia Powder (Top layer for carpeting plants) - 1x Canister of ADA Bacter 100 - 30kg+ of Seiryu Stone - 5x Pieces of assorted Mangrove Hard Driftwood - 20kg of Double Washed Playground Sand (most of it is in refugium) Sump build: - 1x 7"Filter Sock & Holder - 2x Hand-Cut to size green and black course filter pads - 1x Chopped up and siliconed Bread crate to replace eggcrate - 5 Litres of Marine Pure Spheres - Cut to fit Fine Filter wool - Double Washed Playground Sand (refugium Substrate) - Spare volcanic stone from previous tank Tech: - 1x 6.8kg Co2 Swap'n'go MKOL bottle from Brewer's Choice. (To be Purchased) - 1x Ista Co2 Inline Reactor (To be Purchased) - 2x Left over light fixtures from other tanks to grow moss/plants in refugium - 1x Nios Viper 5000L/Hr Pump (To be Purchased) - 1x Eheim Jager 300w Heater Tech in Display Tank: - 2x A360W Tuna Sun Kessils with goose-neck and 90 degree anglers - 1x A150 Amazon Sun Kessil with goose-neck and 90 degree angler (from another tank, will be added later) - 1x Twinstar Nano Algae Inhibitor (Tank is too big for it, but having it wont hurt) Tech To be considered: - Jebao DP-4 dosing pump - Neptune Apex Controller - Kessil Light Programmer More Pictures to Come feel free to ask for updates!
  5. Hello QLDAF, I've been hit with the tank bug like a brick ****-house and now my wallet has a hole in it. This is my current project, more updates to come.
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