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  1. Hi QLDAF, Can I/ What section could I post about giving away some freshwater Turtles, they were rescued and I'm not sure i want to hang on to them?
  2. Ok, sooo I'm in a rental in Springfield Lakes, little space and small wallet. Had anyone had success with a solar distillery? Thinking I will mix with my water from hell to soften it. Will stick with the natives and try find some pretty ornate rainbows in time I guess. Was hoping for some brighter colour. Fancy Guppies??
  3. Thanks all for your advice, I've decided discus aren't for me at this time and instead i am looking at a few Bolivain Butterflys or Rams. Rainwater or R/O aren't really an option at the moment due to being in a rental and other factors. So i will be slowly bring my pH up to tap conditions as my natives seem to like it. (Good Behaviour and colour for Juveniles). You guys have been great.
  4. Intro I have an established tank, I want to add some discus, I am having trouble lowering my pH enough. I have killed some of my kids fish before due to pH swings. I have done reading and watched videos that explain the relationships between pH and kH and still can't seem to make it relative to me. This is annoying because I am typically quite scientifically minded. Below are my current water parameters. 5 days ago I started adding Seachem Discus Buffer to lower the pH in preparation for adding some discus. Current Tank: 900mm x 390mm x 400mm approx 120L. average of 10cm large grain gravel 5 different styles of plant (picture attached) 1 large lava rock 2 grey rocks (not sure how to describe them) 1 x muscle shell (he died along time ago, cleaned the organics out, liked the look of his shell) EHIEM classic 2213 canister filter 50%-70% water changes weekly with a glass scrub, gravel vac and flirt floss change once a month lit by 61xm 20W T8 6-10hrs per day Parameters: pH :7.2 gH: 10 kH: 8 Stocking: 3 x Juvenile Bosemani Rainbows 3 x Cato River Rainbows 4 x Pacific Blue eyes 2 x medium-large mystery snails TAP Water: (which was only treated with chlorine neutraliser prior to this effort to lower the pH) pH: 8.2 gH:10 kH:8 Dosing over the last 5 days: Each day I have added 1.5 tsp of Discus Buffer, which has slightly lowered the pH each day. Future: I was hoping to add 2-3 discus (juvenile to start) and a school of 10-12 glass catfish. I am aware that consistency is much better than perfect values. Any advice at all will be helpful.
  5. I'm looking to add some glass catfish to my tank with a few rainbows and blue eyes. Any advice?
  6. They nip at it. I mush it up they are ravenous so I'm sure some it goes down. Not as ravenous as my rainbows and and blue eyes though.
  7. Might be my test chemical but ammonia never is completely yellow, always slightly green. I'm due for more ammonia test fluid soon anyway.
  8. i have purchased from Paul's in Oxley and Bolshy's in Ipswich.
  9. I feed them a mix of sera betta food ( granule things), flake, algae wafer, and dried worms.
  10. Yeah both tanks are filtered. Ammonia never gets over .25ppm should I add copper sulfate to my water just to be safe?
  11. Hello, I have 2 tanks for my kids 1 x 20L that is home to 10 neon tetras and a male betta 1 x 16L that has 5 ember tetras and a betta. Both tanks are heated and kept to 26 C. Both tanks have lost the betta recently and they all seem to have the same problem, both tanks have plants and resting places for a betta. The tetras never are seen nipping or anything and appear to always leave the betta alone. I do water changes and tests weekly but the bettas seem to become really sluggish about 2 months in. They spend a lot of time just laying. I have tired varing their diet and with the last one when he started to display the same symptoms. I tried dosing with AMINCRINE HYRODCHORLIDE. I have looked for other signs but it's really just a sluggishness and unwillingness to eat. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Yeah I've lost a few fish to that already. Very slowly 5-10% water changes over the course of a few weeks. I am patient if nothing else. Thanks for your help.
  13. no i haven't got the guppies yet but i was hoping to keep them together i only have neons in one and the betta in the other
  14. i have a rain water tank which i was hoping to use to 'balance out' the water, but found that it gets filled up from mains water anyway. what about discus buffer?
  15. I've only recently got the kH and gH testers though
  16. its been like that for as long as I've been testing, I have used various types of ph down additives or seachem neutral buffer. but can't seem to get it to be consistent. one is a 20L the other is 16 L (tiny I know)
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