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  1. Once i get all my thoughts in order i plan to completely redesign my fish keeping greenhouse. I think it will make quite the thread.
  2. Hi everyone, I am in search for tips and tricks on constructing the ultimate bristlenose growout system from a 1000L IBC/pod. I already have a pretty dodgy set up so I’m looking at recreating the whole thing to best suit growing out the hundreds of bristlenose fry my breeders are creating. The existing setup is one i built on a high school students budget some time ago. It contains a diy bucket filter with a standard ebay pond pump connected to a 20L bucket filled with filter wool and lava rock. This along with 3 other empty IBC’s are setup in a improvised greenhouse. These all work great outside as the temperature is generally fine throughout most of the year. The issue i have is the filtration. I feel like i can DIY something else up that is also simplistic but effective. The main issue i have with this is the pond pump. It is not as fry friendly as i would like it. I also would like to put my red cherry shrimp in with them. Last time i did this it did not end well and i slowly lost numbers. I tried wrapping the the pump with that gutter mesh stuff and then coarse filter pad but they restricted flow quite a bit and got clogged often. Ideally i would like to: - clean the tank, do a layer of blue pond liner paint -redesign the filter system to be more fry friendly (also need it to be as minimal on the maintenance side as possible as i go to uni and have my parents looking after it all for long period of time) I am open to all suggestion, tips and tricks. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. I will be extremely appreciative. Here is my current mess below IMG_3830.MOV
  3. Ill try that second idea on the next ibc and if it works well ill get it going for both. Thankyou
  4. So far i have one out of the two IBCs in position. I have set up a bucket filter for time being like mentioned in links above. After i get both installed i will eventually move to aquaponics but that is a bit away. I have started creating a mini greenhouse as it gets super hot here. I have got 3 main poly pipe arched supports and today ill be screwing in a few pvc cross supports and be putting the shadecloth on to cover the whole thing. Im am still trying to decide what to stock each ibc with. I am thinking pleco and or bn growout with maybe cichlids in one aswell as for sure some kind of native predator fish. Not sure if i want to do perch barra or what. Open to reccomendations haha. Sorry for the late update it has been a bit of a freeze. Will up date as i go.
  5. Im surprised as i thought shrimps reaction speed was to slow to get a moving fish. Always learnt they were scavengers or omnivores and the only live things they would catch and eat live were like snails and the rest would just come from algae, decaying plant matter and dead inhabitants in the waterways. It isgood to know now. Thankyou to you and everyone else :).
  6. Hi guys i have just noticed in my 3ft tank that one of my albino longfin bn is half the size of the others. It is missing pretty much its whole tail however it is still swimming around and eating as if it was fine. Just looks like half a fish from what i know the fish seems healthy apart from the tail missing now. In the tank i have 3 large freshwater shrimp caught from in the creek. I also have a heap of common bn babies as the original plan for the tank was a growout. I have also been noticing these guys disappearing. I started with well over 200 baby bn but now i think there would only be about 50 and its seemingly getting less each time. Im just worried that these shrimp are being pests and eating the babies slowly and ate the tail off the half grown albino longfin. I didnt think they would be a hastle as shrimp seem slow and i thought bn could just swim away. I have no idea where all the babie bn are getting to aswell as where the tail went for the albino longfin bn. There is also a heap of snails but they are just those pesky little common ones and seem to pose no threat. Should i get rid of the shrimp? Thanks -josh ps. i might feed them to the oscar to make me feel better about the state they have left my bn breeding program in or just take it as something to learn from and put them in the pond. They also had babies so there is now heaps of tiny shrimp floating around.
  7. I think i want to go with the second idea of a bucket. i found this and ill look into it more haha. http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/showthread.php?t=60394
  8. Would 2 of these be sufficient for the ibc or should i have extra filtration. want to put bn in one and maybe buy bulk cichlids and growout. also will maybe set another ibc up if the first seems to work well and stock it with perch or something to grow and eat i have an unlimited supply of ibcs that will be fish friendly for free
  9. Thanks guys this project has froze for like a week until i get a better presured air pump. i am considering turning it into aquaponics with a little grow bed ontop to filter it that way.
  10. Not sure how i would do this but could be an option
  11. Yea i figured this out before may need to get myself a better air pump aswell. Had to also cut a bit off the top sponge so they all hooked together including the very top piece.
  12. Hi everyone i have available 4 1000L ibcs. I plan on only using one for starters and i want to turn it into a bn growout tank that will house heaps of common and albino bn. My question is. What would be the easiest filtration for it on a budget. I got an idea of making a mega sponge filter but feel like it wont work very well. I could possibly use one of the other ibcs for a sump of some sort but need help thanks. So far i dont think ill put anything but bn in it. Here is a pic of what i was thinking. 4 sponge filters with pvc pipe down the middle. Have heaps of slits/gaps in it for water. Silicon it to a tile and put a pvc bend fitting on the top then slide a couple airlines down the pipe. Would this be any good or would i need more filtration?
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