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  1. I use Facebook for messenger and my cycling team, unfortunately you cannot have one without the other. I extremely rarely check Facebook, I refuse to post or be part of the community, it is not for me, each time I check a shop or similar, threads like the one I mentioned come up, not that hard to understand really. Gone figuring. Tell you what, for you Bunakins I will leave the group.
  2. Did you read that thread on Facebook, Facebook at its finest, one of the primary reasons I refuse to post or be a part of it. [No name needed]
  3. Sicko! lol, poor fish probably wanted some privacy!! hahaha
  4. Pony, I do not have anything related to myself on my Facebook account, some may see that as bogus but I am a member of a few groups. I very rarely log onto to Facebook, and would not put my name, birthday etc on it, but you can still join groups.
  5. There are many good people on Facebook, I think you understand security enough to be safe but yeah search is garbage, and I t is a shame the idiot few ruin it for a lot of people. The clownsville fish groups have both good and bad people, I have left them though, they cannot help me and I do not sell fish or gear so I have no need for them. One positive with Facebook is you can click on a user and get a picture of what they represent, pretty easy to spot the tough bogans from the good guys. Lots of scantily clad females too, although entertaining they just do not get it!
  6. Lol, nothing wrong with windoze 10, it is an OS it works, I don't mind it, OSX is good too but Apple are slowly turning their products into toys, some Linux distros are good others are bad but for the masses, windoze is far easier. As for eggbook, well it is ok, it's quite good as a news medium but socially it is problematic, some people have no empathy for others, other people have eggbook addiction and to be honest eggbook just gives idiots a voice. I do not like it because it shows how bogan and backwardly stupid many Australians are, my overseas friends tell me that Australia has many bogan idiots. My spelling is pretty bad, spellcheck kills spelling but I cannot believe the stupid errors... dose for does, loose for lose, it's embarrassing! uneducated eggbook idiots make these simple errors. You may think I am being harsh, but shouldn't we all, this is our country, idiots should be held to order! Of course Australia is full over wonderful people, I surround myself with them, I have no time for idiots be they Aussie or from other countries.
  7. Wavemaker a are usually a broader softer flow than a direct narrower flow of a power head, surface movement is all you need and require.
  8. You are entitled to your opinion, but I am out of this conversation, even having it is playing into the hands of the radicals. I will control my own back yard, I dont care what others do, to me the reclaim Australia biggots and similar biggots are as bad as the extremists, it is in fact extremism. I rarely read any media let alone mainstream media, it's not like Australians know how to treat women, research that @grubby, how many deaths has there been per week, we can point the finger when we learn how to treat women. Women get groped by Aussie men in night clubs, these men blame alcohol, not sure if I need to wake up, but a lot of Australians men do, I have never groped a women in a crowd in my life. I am not a bleeding heart or a do good'er, the book should be thrown at him, deportation would be the best thing for him and for our country. [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION] be mindful of your your thoughts, you are concentrating on the negative, I can see how it is already leading you to the dark side.
  9. That has nothing to do with culture or the fact the man is Pakistani, it's more to do with the seriousness of the offences, Ivan Milat and Martin Bryant are Australians, pointing the finger at Pakistan is pointing the finger at Australians.
  10. Sorry @ponytail, I did not mean my words to come across as sounding so harsh and arrogant, the intent was much softer! my apologies, it is true though apart from niche markets organic food cannot support 7 billion. To each their own, I don't buy all organic, I just buy fresh produce and not from Woolworthes or Coles, I buy it from the local green grocer, I don't care if it is organic or not, I am not lazy and spend the time to support my local butcher and green grocer all my money does not go back to the multinationals! Again my apologies!
  11. Organic food cannot feed 7 billion people, it's a pipe dream and is an unfortunate truth.
  12. That is true Donny and as humans we have grown food in all the easy areas, river banks etc, it's only going to get harder from here. I am doing my bit for the planet, no kids! plus the bald gene stops with me, I am doing my own line breeding and stopping the poorly bred male right here!
  13. I never understood that either Donny, but I am no economist, I suppose growth means jobs but for how long?
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