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  1. HI Guys, Thanks for the response, I haven't been on since posting as the fish died shortly after I wrote this, I did manage to get him into a hospital tank but I think it may have been to late, The cichlids did not show any sign of aggression towards him and as for the PH, he seems to have thrived in it for the last year, so I will take it into account but I have my doubts if that may have been the case, If anyone does manage to find any answer to the above post that may help me in the future, please do not hesitate to reply, Please find the attached images for your reference,
  2. Hi Guys, I am in desperate need of some medical advice, Issue- I have a 30cm Sailfin Pleco who I have had for approximately 1 year, he hasn't had anything wrong with him until now. Late last week I noticed a couple of small white patches on one of my Featherfins so I have moved him into a hospital tank in case the issue was contagious, shortly before doing so I noticed a small flesh like blotch on the plecos head, I thought this may have occurred from bumping into some drift wood or whatever, I disregarded this for the first day and went to check on him the following. Needless to say we are a few days down the track and the fleshy white blotch now spans across the top of his head from eye to eye and back, with decent bleeding and the pleco seems to be on his last legs, does anyone have any knowledge of this ailment or better yet a tactic to mend it? Tank Info- 6 x 2 x 1.5 Temp. 24-26 PH, Approx 8-8.5 Tank mates, approx. 30 African Cichlids & 2 x 15-20cm Feather Fin Catfish Action Taken- -I have done a 40% water change 2 days ago (another 25% to follow tonight) -I have reduced feeding of all fish to once every second day I will post some photos of the fish when I get home this afternoon Hope you someone can help!!
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