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  1. Hi guys, i have a 6x2x2 roughly 700L and im worried coming up to summer that it is going to get to hot for my fishy friends. Its already at about 31 degrees. Heater is unplugged im thinking about turning the internal filters off and just leaving the FX5 running, also I thought about freezing some bottles of water and chucking them in there but i don't think its going to make much difference. Anybody have any ideas????? Cheers Sean
  2. Thanks Crazy D, thats a real help, i'l give it ago the sarvo and see how i go. Cheers Sean
  3. Hi guys, I bought some drift wood today from the LFS, and i was wondering how i should go about treating it to get all the tallons and crap out of the wood. Cheers Sean
  4. Yeah it looks really good with the rounded front. Nah didn't end up swapping it, i tried selling it but no one wanted it, but i got a mate wanting to buy it so thats good. I ended up getting some more white cali carb but i could only get 3mm stuff it blends in pretty good with the 1mm cali carb. Cheers Sean
  5. Hi Ryan, Your tank looks awesome mate. Kinda makes me wish i got a tank from Trigger . I was seriously thinking about getting one from him but i decided with the rounded front tank. I should have some pics up of my new setup soon, looks awesome with the cali carb cheers. Cheers Sean
  6. Nice tank setup Japes. love the piece of drift wood on the left where did u score that from.
  7. Yep know exactly what u mean. well the light that im getting has 6 x t5 sunlight bulbs in it and im gonna have to get some moonlight ones put in to her. its gives the tank a good look with those moonlight bulbs. Cheers Sean
  8. Hi Ryan, Im thinking about getting an all in one tank today. it's a 6ft x 585 x 640, 12mm glass all round curved front comes in black/silver and a brown i think. comes with t5 lighting 6x bulbs in it. the lights in this one come with rubber O rings on the end of the bulbs so water can't get in and affect it. and also everything is sealed all in the hood so water can't damage it (hopefully) . It comes with warranty for about 2-3 years im pretty sure. It has the internal filter setup in the hood but im gonna put my fx5 on it with another internal filter just in case. also they have other all in one tanks with like a massive sump all underneath in the cabinet i was looking at that one as well. have a look at www.riverseaaquariums.com.au the pics don't do them any justice but they give u an idea. tanks go up to 3m im pretty sure Cheers Bonzai
  9. Thanks guys for your help i'll have a think about it. i wouldn't think it would be harmful for my fishy friends because they use them in night clubs, laser tag and so on, but then again im not an expert. i dunno i'll see how i go Thanks again guys Cheers Bonzai
  10. Hi all just wondering if anyone has used a black light on a fish tank? if so how'd it go? look any good Cheers Seacow
  11. cheers guys thanks for your help with everything i might go and buy the Fluval FX5 because its a great product for the price. i'll have to see if i can put a UV sterilizer on the output pipe i doubt it because the fluval pushes to much water. Thanks again
  12. cheers ryan for your advise. yeah i know about that deal i was in there today checking them all out. thats what got me thinking about the Aqua one 2450 just because its got the UV sterilizer in it and aparrently u cant put one in the Fluval because of its high flow. u know i was looking at your tank setup up it looks pretty good. i was thinking about buying it if only it was a 6x2x2 good luck with the sale man
  13. Hi everyone i was just wondering what everyone thought of these 2 canister filters? im tossing up between them both because they are both good filters. ive heard lots of good things about the Fluval FX5 but not much about the Aqua One 2450 W/UVC. the aqua one has got the ultra violet sterilizer which has got me leaning towards it, but the fluval ive heard is just the best of the best. Any advice would be a great help Thanks
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