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  1. I ran the filter with water ager 25ml for 100ltr for 1hr before putting the endler guppies in. the filter has recently been used for housing them I believe. hope they'll be OK! will be doing 20 percent water changes every 2 weeks. if there's anything I can do sooner please let me know
  2. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/newbie-fishkeeper-basic-100ltr-setup-125405/
  3. hello peoples, I'm new to fishkeeping as an adult. My family was into it a bit when I was young but I don't remember a lot. Have always liked aquariums and the like and was looking to get into a new hobby so I put together a basic setup. !00ltr tank, 200w light, filter, couple of ornaments and most importantly, I've 15 Ender guppies of which 4 are male. Some of the females are pregnant I believe so they should be multiplying fairly quickly I believe. Any tips, advice or anything at all appreciated. Thanks Pete
  4. hi all, letting you know im a real person (dher).. am new to fishkeeping, keen to learn
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