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  1. FS: Fish tank 350l with sump

    Tank in great condition, few minor bumps and scratches on the cabinet and the door handles don't line up (it came like that). Still have the tank running, so pump and everything works well
  2. FS: Fish tank 350l with sump

    $400 - Brisbane Southside Approx 100cmx70cmx50cm. Includes tank, cabinet, sump, pump, filter materials, tank accessories. LIGHT NOT INCLUDED
  3. Brand New $300 - Box slightly damaged, but unit never installed/used. Postage not available, pick up only - Brisbane Southside Premium reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of 120 - 150 litres per day @ 15deg C & 4 bar water pressure. Uses latest generation TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) RO membrane. The RO membrane housing includes a combined flushing valve and flow restrictor. A 10" inch prefilter housing with a sediment filter cartridge retains all particles larger than 5 micron. A 10" prefilter housing with activated carbon cartridge protects the RO membrane by removing chlorine. The prefilters and membrane module are mounted to a strong powder coated wall bracket. Salt rejection is 95 - 98% with a recovery ratio (concentrate:permeate) of 2.5 - 3:1 Manufacturer: AB AQUA MEDIC GMBH
  4. Newbie

    Hi, new the forum, interested in discus and rare catfish