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  1. I hope you have a great time on this forum.
  2. Oh. Ok then. Thats exactly what my bettas do when i go near their tank:lol:
  3. Good on you for saving a poor fish out of the tiny pet store tanks! That's one of the main reasons i got my two boys
  4. Thanks! I do have some other fish and im sure they'd love a little veg. Can you feed peas to BN catfish, kuhli loaches and swordtails?
  5. Your betta tank is SO bright! Make sure he isn't stressed out by the un-natural colours.
  6. If you can't find a peppermint cheap enough, get some kuhli loaches. They are bottom dwellers and look like eels. They like to be in groups (6-8 and prefer sand substrate. I have some and they are so nice to have in the tank! They don't grow that big and eat the left-over food from the other fishes (You still need to feed them!). Kuhli loaches are very peaceful, and do well in a community tank. Good luck with your tank!
  7. Are kuhli loches extremely hard to breed? Or can you actually breed them is you have good conditions? thanks.
  8. Beautiful fish you have there..... why is he so interested in the driftwood? Is there anything under it?
  9. Are you overfeeding? Do you feed them bloodworms or brineshrimp?
  10. WOW! gup those fish are beautiful! I love how one of them is lighter than the other!
  11. I guess a dwarf gourami might work.... But wouldn't it eat the swordtail fry?
  12. Please get a bigger tank! I'm not trying to be mean or anything, and i can see you are caring for him as best you can but goldfish don't do well in smaller spaces. That tank would be a better fighter fish tank. Good luck!
  13. Hi! Welcome to the forum! An idea for your new tank is kuhli loaches. You need to get 6-8 of them so they don't hide all the time. They are so cool! (i have some of my own). Good luck on your journey to fish keeping!
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