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  1. hey everyone, i know this is an old topic but i have set up a colony tank, 4 foot, with neets. there is also a lone male krib in with them and he seems to have been accepted by the neets. there are about 4 mating pairs with a few left over. there is 2 big dominant males currently around 2 inches and their mates are about 1 inch. the females colour at every water change but the males only when they are actually laying. i tried to setup a breeding tank for a pair but the male killed the female so decided to leave the colony in tact. i have another colony of about 20 young about 3 cm so cannot sex yet. they are very agressive to any other fish hence setting up the colony. anyone else breeding neets?
  2. Too many issues under the discussion title. We are hobbyists and generally we look around for the best fish at the best price be that 50c or $1K. If it what you are searching for to complete your aquarium that's it, no more discussion. Let's not forget that We, the hobbyist, are a consumer and will always be subjected to the costs from any commercial operator be that the lfs, importer or breeder. I think the problem is more that many hobbyist breeders want to make commercial profits from their hobby. I bought some fish off a hobbyist and collected from their home. The whole underneath of their house was tanks, mostly smaller breeding tanks. Part of the discussion was about the qty of fish sold to lfs's. Although I want quality I also want comparative pricing. I have been in several well know lfs's looking at calvus and have had pricing from $22.95 to $89.95 each for similar sized fish. My other concern is that none of the lfs's seem to identify locally tank bred fish from imported ones, in most cases. Imported German bred rams seems to be the only one I have seen advertised, opps also german bred orange lelupi. Maybe lfs's need to start identifying where the fish come from eg 'local QLD breeder' or 'NSW TANK BRED' or 'F12 stock local breeder'. In any event as hobbyists yes it would be nice to have some return on our outlays. I rember Texas Taylor and Bill Denton giving fry away to new members of the Cichlid Club and people swapping fry between each other to build their stock and bloodlines. Now it seems who is willing tp pay for the priviledge. If the new impot laws makes imported fish more expensive then that will flow to the lfs's and on to us. Don't forget the lfs is in it for a profit no matter how much they support the hobbyist. that doesn't meann locally bred fish need to follow suit and be more expensive. I also belive that some deformed fish are being sold through lfs's. I was in a lfs on the weekend and looking at some young fish and everyone of the fish in the tank of the sp. I was interested had deformed mouths eg one side dropping, undershot lower jaw and open mouths unable to close properly and misshappen jaws. Some of the fish had lopsided heads. Very disconcerting. But I do not belive cheaper fish from hobbyists is causing the problem nor is it public interest, I believe it is natural progression of an industry trying to keep alive hoping the hobbyists will continue to support it. Just look at BN'S, on gumtree you can get young BN's for $1, then look on QLDAF BN's young for $10 - $15 at the same size. Look at tanks at one lfs a 4x18x18 plus stand $935, on gumtree found several ranging from $70 - $200, yes I know they are 2nd hand still what's the mark up in lfs. It's like the jewellery store selling a 1ct diamond ring for $1200 and then advertising it at 60% mark down, makes you wonder what the real value is! As pony-tail said 'my $00.02 worth. cheers
  3. If they are now illegal to import then all the polleni sold in the LFS are australian bred? Which means we have a number of breeders yet I do not recall seeing P. Polleni on any breeders registry on the various forums. I have been told there is someone on QLDAF that is a breeder but as yet have had absolutely no response from the PM sent or maybe just not responding to keep what they have a secret.
  4. Hey All, I was at the auction last night and bought some great fish. My biggest concernwas that not only where the photo's limited they either went up and then covered by anothger or closed before you had a chance to even see what the fish was any way. It seemed that the person looking after the photo's was so busy he only had a couple of seconds to find the pic display it and then move on. I overheard a number of people asking what the point was as we never knew which picture was for which auctioneer or bag of fish. I agree that planning needs to be done and trying to organise, register and list 60 boxes of fish in an hour and a half is a big job. Maybe people selling the fish could consider finalising their items for sale a week prior and send through the list of fish to the coordinator. This would allow for getting the list prepared which could be done under seller but no one is told who it is, then only changes allowed would be withdrawal of items eg sold before auction/died or minor changes which could be done on arrival. The other thing I found unusual was that the the auction was not really an auction as no one was permitted to bid unless they bid the identified reserve. I understand the idea of ensuring the seller gets his reserve but surely if a bag of ten guppies are being sold you don't tell everyone they have to pay $10. If the auctioneer knows the reserve then why not just say something like " We have a bag of ten guppies we are selling as a lot bidding starts at $1 per fish...", people wil feel like they are now in control of the bidding and more willing to raise the bids. I was so reluctant to bid when I was told I had to pay $20 for 3 fish before anything else. I would also ask that the club review its bidding policy for value of bids as during the night a number of people were overcharged, potentially, for dry goods as the auctioneers were raing the bids by $2 not the stated $1 on the back of the buyers numbers. This was confusing as one auctioneer raised bids on dry goods but the other did it in $ 2 increments. Finally I would like to thank the club and people who put on the auction, overall it was a good night with laughs and conversation especially the possums for their entertaining climbing around the stage.
  5. Well just got home from shopping and was checking my tanks and found my recently aquired female polleni and my male have spawned a mass of salmon coloured eggs in the rear right corner of their tank. The female was introduced to the male by dividing the tank for a week. I then removed the divider and watched them to see if the male was going to be aggressive but all he did was swim around the tank with all fins outstretched and shock like a jelly on a vibrating machine. The female did similar. They then swam around the tank showing off for about an hour. That was onTueday just gone. Since then they have rearranged their tank substrate pushing it up against the sides, pushing the 2 pots all over the place and finally moving 1 pot to the corner where they spawned. The pot just seems to be a barrier and they pushed all the substrate around and laid on the glass bottom. The eggs seem to be a glutinous mass more than stuck to the glass as she fans the eggs they move around in a globe and she then fans again and the roll back. Sorry can't get a picture and when I drop food in the tank the male charges and attacks my fingers. It looks like about 2 tablespoons of eggs. Can anyone tell me how long before they start to hatch all going well.
  6. OK, confusion does exist. I started to look for paratilapia sp. and found only 3 fish, Pictures: 1. is identified as Paratilapia s. "Andapa", 2. is identified as P. bleekeri , Starry Night cichlid, and 3. is P. polleni , also called Black Diamond cichlid All are endanged and come from Madagasca. When you look at the fish there are a lot of differences between each fish. Worming on the head, body shape, patterning, size of patterning on body, shape of fins, colour of dorsal edges. Head shape and size. I started to investigate these as the female "polleni" I picked up is different from my male. she has worming on the head, is more green and when she colours up near the male her lower half body goes black but upper half goes green. I believe she may be a bleekeri and not polleni but as I am not a piscotorial expert am going to see if there are any bleekeri and andapa in Australia.
  7. OK all, some correct answers but no prizes yet. One of the fish is known as "Black Diamond" Cichlid and one is known as "Starry Night" Cichlid. One of the species can grow up to 30 cm the others around 20 cm.
  8. Hi all, a bit of trivia, who can correctly name these fish. A clue, they all belong to the same species, are africans, sought of, and are supposedly difficult to breed. 1. 2. 3.
  9. Went for a walk along shore at Lake Kuwongba at Petrie a couple weeks ago looking for some plants and found a baby tortoise that looked exactly like the picture. It was about the size of a 20c piece. Showed the GK's and released it, so cute. Are they specific to Mary River?
  10. Hi D, don't know, the tank is partially open to allow air circulation etc. The other two fsh were my cacuatoidies pair, first the male and then about a week later the female. I have noticed in my other large tank my female Brichardi is also going spasmodic, can't seem to be able to swim straight and is constantly head standing and shaking. Again tank is partially open to air. I am wondering if someone may have sprayed around the tanks with insect spray or we did have had a few bbq's and the smoke wafted over the tanks. I have checked to see if there is any film on the surface but can't see anything. What is a good all purpose tonic/treatment I could try if it is bacteria etc?
  11. I found my large platinum female angel face down in the corner of the tank this morning. No marks, damage, wounds etc on her body. All scales in place, gills seemed normal red with no visible parasites or anything unusual. I have lost 2 other fish over the last 3 weeks in similar circumstances. All fish in the tank seem to be eating well, no major visible fighting or dominance issues. Water parameters are or seem to be good, ph around 7, water soft, no nitrate,nitrites or ammonia. I did notice that she was very full with eggs and first thought was she may have been egg bound but she and her mate were spawning regularly without prolems. I know this is a stab in the dark but do you think I should add some melafix or something else and do a couple of WC's?
  12. that's the sign of a true fanatic hobbyist getting enjoyment from seeing miniscule fry darting around the tank/pond/tub. LOVE IT ALL. LOL
  13. I picked them up and Fins & Fur at Burpengary. They were in a tank with some general small angels. They are only about 4 cm but seem to have good uniform colour no marbling or silver but have black eyes not red. They were very reasonably priced compared to several other LFS's I had visited and saw same size fish but no 'blacks'. Condition was very good seemed well cared for by the LFS, tank crystal clear, can't remeber what else was in the tank but there was no aggression going on. Currently have them in my humphead tank as the humps are still quite young and of course tend to saty on the bottom and in there caves and holes. LOL. I have one platnum which is sill young, I think a male and he has good finage and blue running through his dorsal and ventral/caudal fins. I have a pair of koi which have started to prepare the post to spawn and another black angel I picked up from gumtree, quite nice but still trying to work out if its male or female. It gets chased away from everything at the moment. My son hs 3 platinums but unfortunately the two males have developed a black spot at their tail almost mirror images of each other. The female has no black on her at all.
  14. Well I now have 5 black angels but none with red eyes. Found some on the web but when I tried to order it crashed and came back won't ship to Aus, what a bummer. Still I will keep trying.
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