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  1. that membrane product looks interesting. I am currently playing around with some backgrounds and this product might be the eaiser option rather then painting on silicone to cover the expanding foam... I will also have a crack at the Styrofoam option and let you guys know how I go
  2. aren't anableps from south america
  3. G'day, I'm pretty keen on having a go at using expanding foam to create a background for my frog tanks. Has anyone used Selleys Space invader: http://www.selleys.com.au/fillers-putty/foam-fillers/space-invader/ What product would you recommend? Cheers
  4. Bad things always happen to good people... but its because they are strong and amazing. I wish Bill all the best and will donate some money tonight
  5. G'day All, Well its been 4 years since i have been logged onto this forum, but I'm back! Looking forward to meeting the new people on the forum and of course old friends from the past! Fish on! Boyd 'Bones' Watson
  6. G'day Chasing a handful of these guys but i live out in Gatton so to save time i was just asking if anyone had seen polleni at any local fish shops? Cheers Boyd
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