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  1. .FYI. interested in a 12 month subscription to Tropical Fish Hobbyist? Cyber Monday Sale continues! One year (12 issue) digital subscription for 99 cents Use discount code at checkout: CYBER14 Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with TFH whatsoever. Just passing on a good deal.
  2. its pretty good - but probably not worth the trip from tokyo just to see it? Hope you have some other things planned? mind you, its not everyday you see a very big tank, with a very big fish in it....
  3. just check: Size, take and possession limits for fresh waters Before you go collecting.
  4. it encourages people to release them. i.e. to catch them later for food after they grow/reproduce.
  5. seriously, if your tank is properly cycled, you can drop them all in at once. especially if you are getting juvies, then there is such a small biomass from the 34 odd little fish in a 200L tank (i.e. compare to a starting a tank with couple of big central american cichlids in the same size tank).
  6. yes prices have gone up. one reason you're paying more. my old forester cost $620 insurance - its probably only worth $4-5k.....so what the? so don't electricity companies have the right to charge for the power? like the banks and petrol and woolies and coles..? oh, the government should regulate it to make it fair? no one here is complaining about $1.50/l petrol anymore. I remember coming back from europe years ago and paying 1.20 euro/l there and thinking that was crazy - it'll never happen here. Don't get me started on bank fees and car insurance.... grubby re your leds - if they are 12v you are still powering a transformer (from 240v) which probably uses more power than the lights themselves. if you use evacuated tubes its unlikely that you'll need to boost at all (I'd use electric boost with manual switch).
  7. Your bill tells you how much power you actually used and the per kwh cost.
  8. A 300W heater on for 8 hrs/day will cost you $54 for 90 days (at 25c/kwh). A single 4 ft T8 flouro on for 10 hrs/day will cost you $10.80 for 90 days. A 100W pump on 24hr/day will cost $54 for 90 days. So has your actual kwh use increased or just the cost? Would be good if both values were posted. In any case, wecome to a capitalist society.
  9. you can use any media in the drop filter - just like a sump and you can use airlift (or multiple airlifts) as return but won't suit you if you dont want separate heaters/pumps
  10. just did a quick www search: pic as an example FOR SALE: Custom tanks with internal drop filter in Aquarium Classifieds. FOR SALE. Forum
  11. I like ah99 idea of drop filters in each tank - would take up maybe 15cm real estate on one side or put themin the back corner. Flipside of taking up a bit of space in the tank is lower wattage pump as you are not pushing water 96" up and separation of system, allowing different filter media etc and you can still overflow all the tanks to common drain for water changes.
  12. Key words in this are "marine plants" (i.e. primarily wood in the form of mangroves).
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. In the amazon they are primarily herbivorous - fruit, nuts and seeds. However in places like PNG they have had to adapt their diet a bit as the vegetation is different and just doesn't support them on their 'usual' diet. In PNG they thought that Pacu and a bunch of other fish would fill a 'vacant' niche (compared to similar tropical streams worldwide) and provide food/opportunity for the locals.
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