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  1. Lungfish Breeders

    On sale at livefish now at $2000
  2. Bony bream

    Anyone managed to keep these? i have tried a few times and they have always died after a day or 2..
  3. Sand

    You could try a local pool shop and get some filter sand, its relativity cheap and looks good. An even cheaper option is the sand you can get from bunnings and other garden/outdoor shops though i find the filter sand to be the best.
  4. Pond canister on aquarium

    What size pump would you use for 1 of these pond filters?? im thinking of getting 1 but not sure what flow rate would be best?
  5. What algae is this?

    Increase flow, add fast growing plants like hygro polysperma ( a fave of mine ) dose excel but as said earlier may kill the valls. How much light do you have on it? as high light and no added co2 = lots of algae.
  6. Moss

    I got most off a seller on gumtree, the rest from z-aquatics. They all arrived today and are in the tanks and all still alive so far.
  7. Removing some fish will help immensely with the water quality, i would also be feeding stuff like frozen prawns, sliced fish fillets and insects/worms along with the pellets. For water changes 1 big one or many small ones a week is up to you, i prefer 1 big one as im lazy.
  8. Moss

    Went on a moss buying spree and ordered Peacock, xmas, rose, cameroon, mini pellia, willow, weeping and red moss so here's hoping at least some will survive the warm Qld summer.
  9. Moss

    I've read most moss like cool water so just wandering what types people have had success with here in Qld? I have only tried java which went alright but im after a better looking moss that wont die in summer.
  10. What to do

    Planted discus tank!! thought a tropheus community sounds nice.
  11. They are awesome fish!! i have 2 they are very aggressive like most grunters so choose tankmates wisely. They will also get over a foot so you will be needing a bigger tank asap, as for your other questions. 1: No, you will need a filter and larger tank. 2: Dechlorination is removing the chlorine from tap water, this can be done by using a Dechlorinator like prime or ageing the water. Water changes will depend on tank size and bioload but 50% a week is a good starting point. 3: No 4: if its in a room with aircon you might wanna use a heater to keep the temp stable. 5: The heat mat should be fine until you get a bigger tank. 6: yes though it might eat them. 7: big tank!!! other than that they are easy to keep and very hardy. If you have any other questions feel free to ask
  12. I decided not to heat a few of my tanks and indoor pond this year as an experiment and had no fish losses at all, fish included were silver dollars, a few barbs, jack dempsey, L397 and a few other catties and a black shark. lowest water temp was around 14-15, all the fish except for the shark stopped feeding but are all eating now and seem to be in good health. The temps in Brisbane are not too different from here so could work but i certainly wouldn't try it with young, sensitive or expensive fish though.
  13. What to do

    Plenty of people keep clown loaches with africans, the angels and barb wont last long and not sure what you mean by black tip shark.. hopefully not the marine one lol
  14. A shame as frogbit is great.
  15. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Quality LFS and quality fish (mainly cichlids ) are in trouble but the hobby as a whole is not, just check out the facebook pages they are in constant action. What would really improve the hobby would be for the government to relax the the importation laws which are pretty stupid for example why is it legal to import L168 plecos but not L201? does an L201 pose more of an environmental risk than a L168? i highly doubt it.. I understand some species are banned for good reason ie. Nile perch, Piranha but as the list stands now its ridiculous and hurts the hobby and only promotes illegal smuggling and over priced fish.