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  1. I took my black shark out of my pond during maintenance to get a measurement and take a few pics and noticed lots of reddish scales on it. Is this a normal thing with age or is something wrong with it?
  2. I feed my plecos zucchini, cucumber, capsicum, snow peas, beans, mushrooms, sweet potato and asian greens like bok choy (a favourite) and there is a lot more than that.. just gotta try different things and see what they like. though i would avoid watery or mushy foods like bananas/oranges as they will screw up the water pretty fast.
  3. Any shrimp experts on here? caught a few of these guys a couple months ago in a creek in Rockhampton. They look a lot more reddish in person and are nice little shrimp.
  4. You should let it cycle for as long as it takes to cycle. I like to speed things up by adding an already established filter or filter media to the tank, if you add enough the tank becomes pretty much instantly cycled. If you dont have an already running filter/media than you should add an ammonia source like a couple pieces of shrimp and keep testing your water until you can read nitrate and no ammonia/nitrite. Also what do you plan on keeping? as that filtration seems a little light for a tank that size.
  5. I believe "old tank syndrome" is only a issue when never doing water changes, though im not 100% on that. I recommend checking your local council website as they have information about your tap water, ph, tds, hardness etc. As for a Tds meter they are only really useful when breeding softwater fish, i have a cheapo one from ebay and is it 100% accurate? doubtful but my plecos breed so idc too me it sounds like you would be better off getting a nitrate test not a tds meter.
  6. Plenty of times, they do a good job.
  7. Will boil them... just hoping the logs arnt treated with chemicals, will put them in with shrimp first to see what happens.
  8. Does anyone know if the bamboo poles from bunnings are safe to use? i made some breeding caves and have been soaking them in a bucket and the water goes cloudy and they are very slimy.. so im getting sceptical about using them.. should i be boiling them? any advice is welcome.
  9. I have 4 L397 which i believe are 3 males 1 female my question is should i remove 1 or 2 of the males or just leave them be? the tank is 3 foot, 50 gallons.
  10. Anyone know what kinda crab this is? was found in a creek in Rockhampton.
  11. Check out "dustin's fish tanks" channel on youtube.
  12. Would an adult flagtail Prochilodus eat/bully adult tiger barbs and rainbow shark? i have never kept one before and would like to add a large centerpiece fish that will not kill everything else. also is it safe too use dead palm fronds in aquariums? They come from golden cane palm trees. Thanks.
  13. Bass don't need a heater but the others most likely will.
  14. Depends on the fish species and your location.
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