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  1. i installed a 150mm computer case fan on top of tank yesty. room temp today when i got home is 32 degrees and tank temp is 27.7 degrees. im blown away. my other shrimp tank is sitting on 31 degrees without a surface fan and that what my 3 footer would be on too. was thinking of a chiller but not now
  2. thanks, have spray bay pointing down as i have a 5000ltr/p/hr pump shooting water up to surface(not full force but within reason )
  3. have a sump 1/8th size of 3 foot tank which trickles water over 400mm of dead coral substate, will that trickle feature provide oxygen?
  4. Everyone knows recommended water temp ranges for Africans but what is the maximum they can handle then start to die? My tank is on 31 degrees for the last 9 days. Comments?
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