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  1. Hi all. I have been looking into installing a second canister filter on my 6x2x2ft cichlid tank as it is now well stocked. I currently have a Biopro UV 2200 connected and was thinking of installing the same again. just for more filtration. But while doing some research online I have come across these prefilters. just wanting to see if anyone has used one and how well they work. thanks Russ.
  2. Hi was wanting to see if anyone out there has had an issue with blue green algae and how they treated the situation. I have read and watched a few videos on the use of 3% hydrogen chloride 1ml for every gallon and to inject it directly onto the affected area, But it just seams so extreme to dos with this stuff. have a U/V filter and all the rest, complete water change substraight change. and im seeing sighns of it comming back on the new substraight. Which is calciume carbonate. Only have two fish in a 75L tank. any input would be valued thanks in advance. Russ
  3. Thank for the advise I have removed the plants and Quarantined the sick Gourami, don't think he will see the light of day again. I have done all necessary checks on my PH currently at 7.4 and I have checked all ammounia and so forth, all with in a good healthy range. I think the culprit was my own stupid humin instinct to tinker and over do it and now my poor fish has to pay the penalty for my actions.(not fare). your help was most welcome and I thank you again. Russ
  4. Hi all, I have recently added a few new plants to my small fresh water tank in hope to provide some more natural substrate to my tank to keep them all happy. But once I have done this I have come to find a blue neon and now my blue dwarf Gourami have passed which is sad because I have had them for some time now. The only thing I can think of that has changed is the plants that I have added could any one share some light on which plants are more suited to a shared tank and if some plants may pose a poison risk if thats such a thing.
  5. I have only used crushed coral in my tank of now about 10 african ciclids, it has been set up for about 6 months now and has maintained a good PH level without having to use a buffer.
  6. I myself have just started what my partner is calling an addiction but I call it "my hobby". I have a electric yellow and an electric blue. I also have a 7 bar a red jewel and a beautiful false spotted catfish aswell as a few silver sharks and two peacocks all happy in a 110L tank. I have found that the African Cichlids are pretty easy going in comparison to some of the Asian fish that I have chosen to keep e.g. Paradise Gourami, Tiger barb and Moss Barb which just fought all the time.
  7. Hi all just wanting to gather some health infomation in relation to a Anubrias plant I have had for a few months now. The plant is living with a Paradise Gourami and a Tiger barb, in a little 35L tank. But in the last few days the Anubrias has really taken a turn for the worst, and developed a horrible black spotty like fungi and the leaves are turning a bit yellow. I know its not a very expensive plant but I kind of like it a lot, so any info would be very welcome. I have been using a liquid fertiliser to try help it back but no hope so far, as well as API CO2 boost. Thanks Russ
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