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  1. My Gold Honey Dwarf Gouramis have had fry but I am unprepared and a beginner with Gouramis. What is the best way to keep the fry, they are absolutely tiny (about 4 days old). What water temp, ph, do they need a filter? I currently have them in a small tank , no heater, no filter but with an air stone. I am feeding them liquid fry food. They don't seem to move around much, just hang out on plants and the side of the tank, is this normal? If anyone has experience with these fish, I would love to hear from you, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers😎
  2. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can let me know how to tell if a Gold Honey Dwarf Gourami is male or female? Is there a simple way or do you have to wait until they are older? Thank you.
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