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  1. Hi looking to add some cichlids to my demasoni tank that will not interbreed. Would like to add a bit of different colour to the tank. Currently only has demasoni colony in my 4x1.5 tank thanks in advance
  2. Yea they are what got me looking at doing some myself
  3. I have a gopro so was hoping to get some under water shots
  4. Hi I am looking for some areas around the top of the Gold Coast to south of Brisbane that I can go and check out the native fish. I have looked around the fresh but there us so many tilapia that is all you seem to see. So would like to try some where else. I'm not from Australia originally but am very interested in learning and seeing some of Australia's cool native fish. Not planning on collecting any would just like to check them out in there environment rather than tanks. Any locations will be greatly appreciated Thank you and look forward to seeing some great fish
  5. Around about 1.5cm for both I would say
  6. If I put my demasoni and bristle nose fry in the same tank will the demasoni attack the bristle nose fry I have another demasoni holding and no spare tank for her
  7. Anybody know where I can buy some scats around the Gold Coast for UN stupid money only ever see them at $35+ in the shops
  8. Should have brought a few more if that's the price. Who wants to buy a used one do you a deal make it $700 and it yours hahaha
  9. No really will have a look it if from a marine tank
  10. No not quite that much. Do you have any idea on what sort of lamp it is. Not sure weather to keep it yet
  11. Bought a new 6 ft tank on the weekend and paid a bit extra and the guy though in a light. Not sure weather I got a bargain or the guy got a good deal . It's a 6ft light that hang from the cealing. It has 4 t5 fitting bulbs that are on the outside (2 ether side.) and in the middle there is 4 led bulbs and 3 halogen bulbs. All works ok. Can not find a make and model on it . tell me what you think it's worth and I will let you know what I paid
  12. If I have a 3 foot tank around 150 litres and a 2 foot sump around 70 litres what size return pump would I use thanks
  13. Have been looking at getting a canister filter. Saw these aquamanta efx 1500u today. We use some of there products mainly the breeder boxes (which are great by the way best we have found) but just wondering if anybody has had any thing to do with them and how they found them. From what I have read they are aqua ones premium brand and the have 3 years warranty. Lots of reviews from the uk ( all seem good) don't seem to be able to find any Australian reviews thanks in advance
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