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  1. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    Hey, couldn't agree more and confess wasn't really thinking of breeding these fish to that level. I'm not a breeder and only a small hobbyist who just loves these fish. Whereas I think having additional breeds available in Australia would be fantastic, the idea of introducing any new breeds at a large scale is certainly outside my scope and most probably would only be beneficial to members who were existing registered breeders. I must confess, I would be more than happy for a group of our breeders to establish these breeds and I just have the opportunity to buy from them. I had not seen myself as registered breeder and no idea what would be involved to become one. So, I will continue to investigate and keep everyone informed on any progress made. In the meantime, I would certainly be interested in any thoughts other angel lovers may have.
  2. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    Thanks Rob will do. Your right, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  3. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    Just thought I'd let you all know that after contacting Ross at Living Reef Aquariums, I have decided that the cost far outweighs my need to import these angels. I would be looking at approx $500 - $600 aside from the cost of the fish. Too much for a small hobbyist to wear. Thanks for your feedback. I'll just have to keep looking for some lovely veiltail platinums instead.
  4. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    I like the electric blue marble pearlscale and the blue pinoy veil widefin. They're quite expensive for the size they are when imported and of course the duty and quarantine costs might put them out of my reach. Its worth a shot to find out. I had a look at the manacapura reds on utube and they are also an awesome fish.
  5. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    Thanks so much. Sounds like the man to help me or at least give me the heads up on what I need to do. Cheers
  6. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    lloyd, your not wrong. When I rang up the powers that be, there did seem to be quite a few hoops to jump if you weren't setup. thanks for your feedback.
  7. Angelme

    Importing fish from overseas

    Thanks joller. I will certainly give them a call. By the way, love your photo. It looks like a wide-fin blue pearlscale. Is this one of the ones you imported? I'm jealous. Do you have other imported breeds.
  8. I am very keen to import some freshwater angels from america. I have been told that I would need to quarantine these fish for approx 2 weeks before I can take delivery. Just checking if anyone knows the process or has facilities that I could use to be able to bring these fish in.
  9. Angelme

    Help in Identifying Cichlids

    Thanks for your expertise in helping me identify my cichlids. I'm still not 100% about the third one being a zebra. I had another look at a Metangula and I'm still not sure. Admittedly, my photo is not the best, but when he's angry, the colour is a bright mauve/purple. There's so many different varieties so thanks again for your help. I guess I'll have to just estimate their value unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse.
  10. Hi all. I Recently acquired some African and American Cichlids and are thinking of selling/trading for them for breeding pairs of Angels but am not absolutely sure of their breed or their value. The pics are the best I have been able to get. Sorry about the exposure. They look better in real life. The first I think is an American Salvini I think. He/She's about 11cm long. The second I think is a Tropheus Duboisi. He/She's about 9-10cm long. The third probably a Metangula. He/She's about 9-10cm as well. The forth I thinking is a Electric Blue. He/She's about 5-6cm long. Any help you can provide would be great as I'm sure they're not supposed to be in the tank.
  11. I too have just finished reading this entire thread. Awesome result and can't wait to see final pics of your fantastic room. I'm toying with doing a similar project but obviously have a lot to learn about the technology side of things. Hop you don't mind if later down the track I pick your brains for advice. I'm also not sure if I have enough budget wise to complete with this degree of automation, but after seeing your success, will certainly look into potential costs etc. Again a project you should be truly proud of.
  12. Angelme

    Hi all

    Hi again. Pleased you all liked my boy. Yes, not having any luck in tracking some down but will let know if I come across any.
  13. Angelme

    Hi all

    Back on line andthinking of buying some Superveil Platinum Angel fish. Just checking if anyone has some for sale or knows where I might be able source some. Also looking for a female for my bad boy. He's over 10cm tall and king of the pack. Looking for one with similar markings and size. Cheers
  14. Hi all, this is my second time in QLDAF.  For some reason there was a malfunction and I couldn't log back in with my original profile.  Great to be back online and looking forward to learning heaps from you all.  For a few of you who may remember me - given my name, I'm sure you've already realized that I'm into angel fish.  Have started trying to breed with little success but have learnt a lot in the process.  I'm pretty confident I can succeed now but the heat is playing havoc with my breeding pair of Choc Veiltails.  They have just stopped laying eggs at the moment.  I am however not put off and would like to breed some Platinum super veiltails if I can find some.

    Talk soon