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  1. Alright sorry guys i haven't been replying been away for awhile. Yes im using tank water to fill it up. Also my light is a T8 marine glow and i also have another next to it which is just a cheapy one from bunnings I was running my light for over 10hours a day but i knocked it down today and am gunna see how it goes. oh and btw my fishies look fine... wen i can see them The T8 marine glow is 20w and im not sure what watts the bunnings one is but the algae bloom started happening around about the time i got the T8, it was fine just with the to bunnings lights. Maybe just run the T8 by itself? thanks for all the help guys
  2. Do you guys reckon because of the heat all the algae and bacteria has started to grow or is it just something that can happen My room can get pretty hot sometimes and it never got cloudy during the winter haha
  3. oh sweet thanks guyz might have to make another trip down to the petshop haha
  4. oh ok cheers ill have to do some research on it
  5. Oh thanks man so what does UV steralizing do? and how much roughly does it cost?
  6. yep about 100 times hahah it's like a greenie algae colour so i dn't think it's the gravel
  7. I didn't no if this was the right place so sorry mods alright here's the go. My little 2.5ft tank has got 2 plecs and an archer fish in it.... (only temp w8ing for a nice offer to come along aswell as money ) I used to have an internal filter with sand and a few fake plants in it to make it look good. But after awhile the tank just went really murky and i couldn't even see the back of the tank after a few days.. so i did a water change all was well untilll about 2 days later it was cloudy again and couldn't see the back of the tank... its only a 1ft wide!!!! i kept doing water changes and it kept happening so i finally got over doing water changes every second day and bought myself an external and some new gravel. While i was cleaning it my mate accidently cracked the side of the tank so i had to use my 2ft tank for the time being... BUT THE CLOUDINESS IS STILL THERE! I honestly changed the gravel, filter and the tank and still goes cloudy withing a few days. There's no direct sunlight shining on the tank and i even bought some carbon for the external but hasn't really done much. i don't really want to buy some purigen since it is expensive and i dnt want to waste my money if the same thing happens. i honestly have no ideal what's going on but it's really annoying.... PLEASE HELP ME!
  8. Hey guyz Thanks for the help my archer has come good and is looking so much better. He even did his first spit today i was so stoked! He spat about 6 crickets off a piece of rope, each time taking less and less squirts to get them to fall off. He even did a little aerial display
  9. Hey guyz i got an archer fish the other day, i had one before but it got mysteriously bit in half by something anyway i had to take my bass out of the tank because he was getting to agressive. Now my archer now has abit of fin rot and is not eating. I know its probably due to the stress but i don't want to loose this one. I have some fin rot chemical but i don't want to stress him out even more by putting it in. I put abit of salt in to try clear things up but no result as of yet. If anyones got any tips on how to get him good again i would appreciate it. Herbz
  10. Alright looks like purigen is the way 2 go thanks for the info really appreciate it last question. Would someone be able 2 tell me how much this stuff cost i had a browse on the site but i couldnt seem to get the correct price. Cheers Herbz
  11. Yer i think i might give that carbon a go. I heard that it got rid of the tannings but it didnt cross my mind Any more tips would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hey guys ive got a 6footer and i have a pretty big piece of drift wood in there aswell as a few smaller ones. Ive had the wood sitting in there for over 6 months and it doesn't look as if the tanning is going to go away. I do weekly water changes and it gets a little bit clearer, but within a few days it goes back to a solid browny tea coloured murk. It's really starting to bug me and i am thinking of redoing my whole tank. I have a few decent size barramundi sitting in there so they dont seem to mind it. I was just wondering if any of you guyz had a similar situation and might be able to give me a few pointers. It is a rather big piece of wood and would be a a struggle trying to lift it out of the tank:() so boiling the piece of wood would be a bit of a diaster i purchased it from my lfs btw i didnt find it. I was looking at some of the pics from other people's tanks and they are so crystal clear and most of them had drift wood in them aswell. It would just be so much more appealing(and cheaper) if i could acheive the same result. Cheers Herbz.
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