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  1. [MENTION=12699]Grubs[/MENTION] - mate you mentioned throwing some Corey's in but these are breeder tanks for various catfish, how would that work out do you think? Never had Corey's
  2. Good information there grubs in nice easy laymens terms that suit me thanks mate I appreciate your help 👍 [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] a pic of you get up would be great thanks mate
  3. I don't feed black worms mate, only frozen bloodworm for the 333s otherwise it's all fresh veg and pellets. I'm not sure how they got into my tanks to be honest but they are there
  4. I read everyone's posts Donny, it's why I come here to ask questions, lots of great advice from people here! a good bunch 👍
  5. Cheers [MENTION=5455]Donny[/MENTION]@agofaquariums 👍I'll try the wool on the quick vac first and see how that goes. The second method I cant even picture in my head let alone build one lol I've been using a basic pump with hose attached, sucking the waste off of the top of the sand and then stirring sand at the end while letting the pump run but its been painful and not very effective (obviously) for really getting a good clean. But now that I have the equivalent of aquatic earthworms somethings gotta give before I end up with amonea and nitrite spikes. Maybe I'll do away with the substrate all together on the bottom tanks....
  6. Well I'm confident of two things now after a day and a half of research! a) the worms are not parasitic due to the amount of them in the gravel and water and I'm over feeding the bottom racks where gravel vaccing is not as effective and it's these tanks I've found them in (both bottom tanks) not to say they are not in the top tanks but I know the top tanks get a lot better results from the gravel vac then the bottom due to little to no fall. I was using the eheim quick vac pro ( battery operated ) but stopped as I found the mesh as fine as it is still leeched the blitzed debris back into the water making it cloudy and unsightly. I've been mucking with these little things all day and can pull them apart into multiple smaller segments and the segments just keep swimming around as if nothing happened! So I'm going to do wc every 3 days for the next two weeks, drop down the feeds to every second day and see what happens. Hopefully that will reduce the numbers. One thing I'm so happy about is that they are not parasitic! I can deal with free loaders as long as they are not affecting my babies! Lol While on the topic - what's the best way to vac bottom racks? As said above, I have the battery operated one but it's pretty useless.
  7. So during the process of pulling the fish back out and stirring up the tank, I noticed some of the same worms in the water swimming around having a lovely time in MY tank! I did a few swishes with the net through the water and jiggled out these feral little freaks into a bowl. I only have the iPad to take photos but they do in fact seem segmented. Here are some better photos. They seem to just be swimming around the tank making themselves quite at home!! You have to disturb the tank it seems to see them. They also seem to be almost white in the tank but when removed to the bowl they turned pink/red....
  8. Thanks grubs. I've got a video but can't load it. I'll do what you said, I'll catch the same 7 fish out and place in a clean bucket and see what happens. I'll do it now actually....
  9. I looked up detritus but everything reads that they are a white worm. These were defiantly pink/red color.....
  10. Oh Donny I hope you are right, I think I would quit if that particular tank had a harmful infestation
  11. This is exactly how the ones I had were moving. Same shape, size, movements just the ones I had were red not white. When they were swimming they wriggled like crazy but when they were on the bottom they moved like the ones in this clip that are called hair worms? Or planaria? Just the ones I saw were red not white.... Oh please tell me they are harmless lol I could not deal with an infestation in that tank!
  12. I looked up some websites and found this pic. The ones I saw when relocating the fish look like the one on the bottom left of the picture. There was two of them and they were about 1cm long, thin as string and red. I can't see them anywhere in the tank or gravel now tho, even when I stir up the gravel. I couldn't identify from that site wether all the worms on that pic were blood worm or not tho. Some pictures I look at they look like camallanus and some websites they look like early stage blood worm... I can't decide but in haste I pulled the fish back out and inspected them head to tail and there doesn't seem to be any sign of them anywhere on or in (coming out of) the fish. Said fish are pigs with food, solid and healthy and you can also see in the first pic that poos are solid and large.... I don't want to treat unnecessarily but reading up on the camallanus says this type of worm can be hard to diagnose until advanced infestations?? I wish I could post the video as its a lot better to see the movement of the worms
  13. It's an indoor tank set up next to a window and sliding door that is generally always open. My partner reckons it looks like Mozzy larvae but I'm not convinced. They seem too thin for larvae but move in the same fashion as Mozzy larvae. If it's the worst case what treatment kills the camallanus? The tank IS due for worming too I might add
  14. So was just transferring some fish and noticed these... Little tiny red worms... What are they? There doesn't appear to be any on the fish but while I was taking the video you can see them trying to get under the fish.... Resemble Mosquito larvae and I'm hoping that's all it is. Fish are in good health, good solid poos, fat healthy, and lots of breeding going on in that tank (that's the reason I was moving these guys) no injuries or spots of concern on them.. Right in the centre of the pic you can see the red worm. I've got a video but can't seem to upload it. If anyone can tell me how I'll put the video up.
  15. I don't have any knowledge on the power usages between particular brands or the sciences behind all the differences but I can honestly say I've never purchased and expensive heater. I buy the good old AquaOne or more recently the PetWerx variety from the Tech Den for something like $18 for 300w unit and at that price I just chuck em and replace them every 12 months. Be it that I've been lucky or not (touch wood) I don't know but I've had only one fail on me and crack in my entire history of fish keeping (maybe 10years or more).... Some people have better luck then others when it comes to the reliability of hardware I think and from what I'm reading all those big name heaters still have a multitude of faults so buying the name doesn't nessecarily buy you assurance from what I can see. I also beleive a lot of gadgets are built with these sleek futuristic designs and pretty lights and dials and crap to simply compete for sales in the industry and others may fall prey to that "keeping up with the jones" type of outlook to the wiz bang big names (you call that a gun?! This is a gun!) in saying all that though I don't have 1000s and 1000s of dollars worth of fish or elaborate set ups either so I have never the need to go looking for all the bells and whistles. I have never had a power bill outside of an expected range over winter either with the cheaper units.
  16. We had a power cut last week for 6 hours. I only found out from our neighbour once I got home from work and noticed the alarm clock had reset itself. I shat a proverbial brick and ran around like a maniac checking tanks and doing head counts lol I had four canisters go off and back on again 6hrs later (plus everything else) without any noticble effects on the fish. I did a water change that night, rinsed the canister media in the changed tank water and removed the "snow" through the tanks from the canisters having restarted and everything has gone along fine ever since. No blooms of any nasties or spikes in water params. At least you have warning that yours is looming, our whole street was just shut down without warning but I don't think it was a major as far as the fish were concerned but then I guess it also depends on your fish, I had malawis, frontosa, my mangrove jack and cats....if you have robust fish like these I would say things will be ok without too much stressing about taking filters to work.
  17. Not sure if this is the right spot to put this add but didn't see an aquaponics trade section. Mod feel free to move the add if it's not suitable here. so my half done Harry (my partner) started what I call his dooms day prepping with building this large aquaponics system....it's not finished and has collected dust for months now and I want it GONE! Not ot sure what to ask for it but the piping alone was worth a fair bit. If if you want to know more about it you will have to get in contact with Dave on 0400 025 235 and have a chat with him. Can be dismantled for transport (I think)
  18. They actually are really cool looking I think. The really thick "armour" make em look kinda gnarly and lizard like. I'm actually considering keeping the bigger guy and growing him up nice and big with the gold spot. But I'll still sell the 13cm fellow when I know what exactly to list him as....guess I could always just say "pleco for sale" lol and leave it at that...
  19. It's not stirring Donny at all. That's what the other member was sayin too. I'd really like to know so I can get back in touch with the guy I got them from and also let the person who got one off me know as well so they are not misled and can bring it back if they want to. As well as the guys at aquarium warehouse who took one off me under the impression that it was pterygoplichthys scrophus....
  20. So I have some plecos for sale labeled as chocolate plecos. Another member has mentioned that it likely isn't what I was led to beleive when I purchased them which was Pterygoplichthys scrophus . However when you see these guys in the flesh these are indeed what they look like... In saying that I'm always up for a correction and don't want to sell something under the wrong label. As far as I'm aware the keeper I purchased them from had them freighted from Melbourne. I previously traded one at Aquarium Warehouse as a Pterygoplichthys scrophus and was not corrected then by anyone there either if it wasn't. they have 13 dorsal rays, horizontal ridges and spikes running the length of their bodies which are noticeably thicker and more pronounced then say the gold spot that shares their tank, larger then normal nasal flutes, deep rich brown mottled coloration, squiggly pattern on their bellies and sides of their heads and a relatively high bodied when compared to the gold spot that is twice these guys size. Im wondering if anyone lives on the northern end of the Gold Coast and could positively ID these guys? I'm happy to bring them to you or have you come here to look at them. I have attached some pics below but I'm taking the photos on an iPad so the pics don't compare to seeing these guys in the flesh. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  21. Just want to give a big 👍 to the The Tech Den. I've ordered a few times now and have to say I am always surprised (pleasantly) with the speed and accuracy of my orders. Generally my order turns up the next day, (last order was paid Monday morning and turned up Tuesday morning less then 24hrs !! ) always carefully packed. After years of buying and selling online (ebay business outside of fish) I can appreciate their obvious dedication to their customers and just want to say thank you! Good job guys 👍👍👍
  22. There is a male in there and caves but thought they were too young as they are not even 9 months old yet... Lol vent is as good a word as any (possibly due to many years of me breeding and hand rearing parrots lol)
  23. Does anyone know what this is? Just noticed it on another albino female...
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