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  1. Hopefully there will be rego on my 1991 Vitara next week and I have the urge to pack up and just let the rest of them fend for themselves for a few days. I have a couple of rods, some fish traps a selection of tents to choose from and all the camping gear I could need. The only thing I lack is a plan and ideas where I could camp while I mellow out and study what's in the creeks. I'm not over fussed about bringing anything back I will mainly record, photograph and release. Suggestions of where to go would be great thanks.
  2. Has anyone found an alternative source of heating fish rooms through the 6 months of winter? I'm tending towards designing an outside wood burner and pumping from a sealed tank into water radiators in the fish room. Has anyone tried this and what are the pros and cons such as maintaining a reasonably constant temperature?
  3. 6M x7.5m $230 or 1/3rds $150 6x5 M A bargain within the next couple of days. Reduced from over 2K I don't need a full roll, 5M will do me. Full roll is around $460. Also pro rata on underlay, can't remember price. If you were ever thinking about a pond now's the time. Call me 0450 417 821 Dave.
  4. If the airflow has diminished over time rather than all at once it could be the small filter on the air intake that is dirty. I had that problen on my double outlet pump. Once I cleaned it and made the intake holes a little larger it went like a beauty. I swear it will blow up truck tyres now.
  5. I use 2x23cm plant pots, one on top of the other. Less than 2 dollars each from Masters now that the're closing down. IMO it would be more expensive buying sealants, brushes and then having tke hassle of sealing it. I would go with your last suggestion. Throw it
  6. BN's are around 10-14 cms and have heaps of places to hide. This Large male had a huge display of bristles but now his head has none and there appear to be no scars just two little tufts at each side of his head rather like the females. I know some species can change sex under certain conditions and wondered if BN's were one of them. i will research more and report if i find anything.
  7. Grandad bristle nose seems to have lost all his bristles and only has two tufts inder his eyes rather like a female. My tank had about 5 males and only 2 females but now i noticed that he has lost the huge spectacular clump he had on his nose. Is this a seasonal normal thing or am I totally wrong about sexing?
  8. I'm wanting to buy some glass panels 445 x 300 - 400mm about half a dozen. This will be to divide and reinforce a couple of 4ft tanks for rearing fish, 5 or 6mm glass would be fine. My attempts at cutting the glass from an old tank was a huge failure so I need the panels cut Thanks guys.
  9. Go out to Laceys Creek, just out of Dayboro, it's one of the few places with water still running down from the mountains and crosses the road quite a few times. I was at Cedar creek last weekend and the flow is pitiful, less than 50L per minute. If you go let me know how it turns out
  10. Wondering about the legality of fish in tanks in restaurants when you can pick your own lobster, crab or barra.
  11. I called Superior glass and they can't cut that thick. They mentioned a Tank maker at Arana hills but I haven't managed to find out who they are yet.
  12. I found my base for my discus tank but now it needs cutting accurately to 880x773mm. Can anyone recommend someone who is able to do this?
  13. Anyone know what the discus went for and how big they were? Wife want's some but she's out of the country atm. Just wondering if it's worth waiting for the next auction.
  14. What time can buyers start wandering in for a look? Although I get the feeling it's going to be all Africans and bristle noses judging by what everyone on here breeds and tries to sell.
  15. Don't you believe it. It may come as a great relief that it's job done and one less project hanging over his head. Years ago I met an Oscar breeder called Jamie, who lived north Caboolture on the way to Elimba. He had concrete ponds all the way around his house and he helped me build one at my place. He showed a chemical that you add to concrete mix, which causes any cracks to heal. They use it when building water tanks. Some put lime in the mix but this can raise the ph. I name dropped cos I would really like to meet up with him again and who knows? someone on here may know him.
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