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  1. They have 999a at pet city but I'm not sure of they have it in black.(or how far that is from Ripley) Worth giving them a call though:-) I'm gonna be looking for some myself this week so if I find some I'll let you know where.
  2. Spot on Leigh. I found that they keep the plants Looking great. And the whiptails are always happier with some plants to hang in.
  3. Thanks again for the advice everyone. I am a bit curious as to how this thread got back to the top???? This thread was started about 18 months ago and I thought they were lost in the forum move? I have recently moved house and no longer have a problem with bats or fruit trees :-) Thanks again for all the good advice. Cheers Jono
  4. Thanks everyone:-) I was told what they were last night but I already forgot :-/ Apparently they are harmless and wont last long. Thanks for all the help. Cheers Joni
  5. Thanks ray. I will cut up what I need and the rest is yours:-)
  6. No native collector they are definantly not the things in that link but thanks for trying to help:-) Hi regani. I tried to take a pic but they are about the size and shape of a flea. Maybe a bit smaller. And unfortunantly the royals(about 10mm long) are to lazy to eat algae if they are sitting on it. Far to lazy to chase food;-). I am using rain water so I'm looking into that for a potential source.
  7. G'day everyone. I have been using my hospital tank to grow algae and put the odd batch of royals and alf bn fry in to get started. I was just doin a water change and noticed some tiny little bugs running (not swimming) around in the corners. Makes me kinda nervous. Can anyone tell me what they might be? Are they bad? And how can I KILL the little buggers? Thanks in advance. Jono
  8. G'day all :-) I have a stack of tinted Perspex just sitting in my garage and given my poor history of cutting glass I was hoping to use it as baffels in my sump. Does anyone know if it's safe to use? Also i have more than I will need so if you would like some just give me a call on 0435193646. Cheers Jono
  9. Lol I rarely have $150 to spend on fish :-( I just meant $150 is better than the $190-$200 at AOA. I will get some raw plastic beads from my sister and play with that for a bit. Things I never would have thought of trying. Thanks again Winston :-)
  10. I found the k1 for $150/50L so it's not to expensive. Also it cleans it's self so I'm pretty much sold on it already :-)
  11. Thanks very much Winston and 175myles :-) still being reasonably new to the hobby this is the first time I have come across this kind of filtration. I am only running 2,000L of lightly stocked tanks (for now) and that is running at 13,000lph through 20L of matrix, 15L of aqua clay and some miscellaneous media I had lying about. But from what I have read the k1 is more efficient at coping with a sudden increase in the bio load. Is this correct? I think I will try and setup something similar to the sump AEF posted in the sump photo thread, using the 200L drum as a nexus (until I can aford one). Thanks very much for the advice thus far. I would appreciate any advice people are willing to give on the topic. Cheers Jono
  12. G'day all. I was just wondering if anyone has used this media? And if so would you say it's more effective than regular bio-balls? http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4299&catID=9 I appreciate any feedback/info on this. Cheers Jono
  13. Saw it yesterday and it is fantastic:-) great job Nev & Paula.
  14. This is a very helpfull thread for me as I have not realy found much info on this topic since getting involved about 18 months ago. Just for clarification what is the 'SL'? I am selling a bulk lot of BN between 1cm & 4cm as it is my last lot and I want them all gone so I can focus on my royals. I am selling to an experienced member so I will be interested to hear how they settle in.
  15. On hold for $300 :-) I will count the bn for you on Saturday.



  16. Lookin good Brett It never looked that nice when I had it :snide: I really look forward to seeing it in a a month or two.
  17. G'day everyone I was hoping that someone could tell me if it is safe to use industrial grade oxygen for transporting fish? Or should I only use medical grade? Cheers Jono
  18. I just got home and was gonna put them in an egg tumbler and I noticed they were all up the back moovin around He didn't kick em out so all I had to do was move the cave into the smaller holding tank inside the main tank. Easy as pie Thanks for the help everyone. ummm......what do you feed em when the egg yoke runs out?
  19. Thankyou Zane, Alexc and Michael Yeah this in my first spawn of any kind of BN and they all look to be orange :woohoo: I will keep a close eye on them and if the male kicks them out I will get them into a tumbler (if they don't get eaten :worry: ) Thankyou again for the advice Cheers Jono
  20. Could someone please tell me what colour Pepp eggs go before they hatch? They look like a lump of pumpkin at the moment :perplex: Also how long do they take to hatch? Thanks in advance Cheers Jono
  21. They will be much better off in a 3' I think. I also put a medium sized anubis on driftwood in with them and they are always all over it. What kind of whiptails are you lookin at? If you are ever out my way you are welcome to come have a look at mine. I may be able to save you some of the headaches I had with them Good luck with them. Cheers Jono
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